Christmas Stocking Bunting ~ Sock Garland

This year I fell out of love.

With tinsel.

Its one of those things that is just always there, soon as the decorations come out tinsel gets added to pretty much everything, but this year I saw the gaudy foil and was just {meh}.

The colours were all wrong, the shimmer was annoying and the weirdly itch red rash it caused on my arms was the final straw.

Tinsel be gone!!

Without tinsel or those foil decorations which are hung from the ceiling I was a little baffled as to what I was going to use to decorate the place!

Which is when I realised one of the things missing from my Christmas decorating supplies was bunting!

I mean seriously, I say I like bunting and have hardly explored the heavenly relationship between bunting and Christmas, the possibilities are are quite possibly endless {or at least numerous}.

I’ve done the traditional triangle flag bunting and fancied something a little more Christmassy so decided on ………

Christmas stocking bunting garland

This was sooo easy to make and makes a nice change to the typical triangles I make bunting with.

what you need to make festive stocking bunting

First up you need to find a stocking or sock pattern / template, you can either buy or make up your own {or ask hubby to make you one}.

I know some peeps make their bunting one sided, personally I like to have a front and a back to my bunting, therefore I need 2 socks per ‘flag’.

Once I had my sock template {thanks hubby} I ummed and ahhed over which fabrics to use.

festive fabrics

Once I had finally made a decision I drew around the template a whole bunch of times then cut them all out.

fabric stocking pieces

Once I had {enough}, really I just kept going which is why I have enough socks left over to cover the feet of a millipede, I paired them up and placed them right sides together.

fabric stocking right sides together

I then hauled out the old sewing machine and sewed the socks together, leaving the tops open. I used my pinking shears to snip round each one.

fabric stocking ready to turn

I then turned them all the right side out {great training for sorting out the laundry} and pressed them with the iron.

festive socks or stocking

{Seriously, are they socks or stockings?}

I’m not entirely sure what this stuff is, but I’m calling it bunting tape. I folded it over and used a hot iron to press it. Once I had a piece {yay long} I popped a sock between the folded tape.

I didn’t bother with pins, just smooshed the tape down with the sock between it.

fabric stocking sandwiched between bunting tape

I used my sewing machine to sandwich the sock between the tape, along the dotted line.

christmas stocking sewn to bunting tape

I repeated this until I had a decent piece of socky bunting.

a whole bunch of christmas stockings on bunting tape

Having had hubby traipse all over Ebo he eventually found some Command strips which I used to hang the bunting on the wall.

It goes pretty darn well with my Merry Christmas banner, love it!

stocking and merry christmas bunting

Can you believe Christmas is just days away, I’M SO NOT READY.


  1. Your bunting is fabulous! I love it! How very creative!!

  2. I banned Tinsel from our house two years ago, I just don't like it. I now use white lace for draping the tree (looks gorgeous but not expensive to do)and most of the rest of the decorating is done by using greens from the garden. I love ivy, it drapes so well and is easy to find. An unexpected bonus is that I now only have to store half as much stuff.
    Great bunting!

  3. Just fell over your blog looking for advice on upgrading my header. And thank you very much. I so agree about tinsel. It's very 1970s. Your Christmas stocking are lovely but we just have loads and loads of fairy lights everywhere. Perfect.

  4. Absolutely adorable. If I could sew I would have these everywhere!


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