Festive Banner ~ Adding Some Cheer To The Kitchen

I think we have the least amount of wall space in the history of kitchens. Even outdoor kitchens have more wall space than our kitchen, its rather depressing when trying to add a bit of flair to the place that this is pretty much all I have to work with.

kitchen shelves

But hey ho and all that jazz, I work what I have and make the best of it.

I added my Christmas egg cups and salt n  pepper pots, a few lanterns and my Santa mug to add some Christmas cheer, aren't they cute?! 

festive egg cups and sps

But I felt it needed just a little something extra, I finally decided a wee banner was needed.

merry christmas tags

It was ridiculously easy, if you ignore the part where the kids demanded wanted  to play with the Big Shot die cutting machine, which is definitely not a toy, and then argued with me as to whose go it was to turn the crank!

{I hate being scolded by my kids, and they are ridiculously good at it}

what you need

Seems as though I haven’t busted out my scrapbook supplies for donkeys years, so I grabbed a bunch and set too making a festive banner.

I had some Kraft card stock which I cut in to tags using my Big Shot and a die cut.

kraft tags

I made enough to spell out

Merry Christmas

Then added bakers twine to each one.

kraft tags and bakers twine

I have a ridiculously large selection of festive themed scrapbook paper, after umming and ahhing over which ones I liked and which ones I was {meh} over, I finally chose a few I wanted to use.

festive scrapbook paper

Again using my Big Shot and a die cut I cut out enough piece for Merry Christmas

die cut scrapbook paper

I have a pretty large selection of letters and chose one which was festive as well as being small enough to fit the die cut shapes.

die cut and letters

Arranging the pieces of scrapbook paper randomly I added individual letters to each piece, spelling out Merry Christmas


I then used sticky tabs to attach a scrapbook piece to each Kraft tag.

merry tags

Once all the letters were attached I grabbed a bunch of festive themed embellishments and stuck a few onto the tags.

festive scrapbook embelishments

embellishments added to tags

Being a bit sleep deprived I took a while to notice that some tags were rounded and some were not.

pointed and rounded tags

So using my corner chopper upper {can’t remember what its really called} I rounded all the edges.

Once I had all the tags made, I measured how much rich rac I would need then grabbed some pink and blue pieces.

pink and blue ric rac

I used the bakers twine on each tag to tie the individual tags to the ric rac.

tags tied to ric rac

Once both words were tied to the ric rac I used those Command strip thingies to attach the pieces to the shelves.

merry kraft tagschristmas kraft tags

I’m pretty pleased with my festive decor in the kitchen, the kitchen along with the bathroom always seem to get overlooked, but I’m not sure what is considered {too much} maybe next year I shall go all out and decorate the entire place like I have never decorated before!


  1. That's where you're wrong, Amanda. Our kitchen has literally no wall space AT ALL. Your Xmas banner is glorious. I'll have to copy that for next year. xx

  2. This is just how it should be done! I am in awe. Pop over to my blog to see what happens if you don't have decent craft supplies and let your child design their own decorations. I warn you, it's not quite so tasteful!
    x (My child will be forced to study this tutorial and will no doubt be dragging me to hobbycraft!)

  3. Completely the wrong season to be reading this but I think it's such a cute idea! Something made by yourself for your home and a great thing to do with the family. You will probably look back on this a few christmas' time and smile :) x x


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