Homemade Festive Candles ~ My Man Is Obi Wan Candleobi {a candle geek}

As well as making wicked cinnamon toast my hubster is a wiz at candle making, not sure the two are related but you never know!

For the past few weeks he’s been locked away in his candlearium making new candles {I’m fairly certain he is also taking naps there too} with a festive theme.

Here’s what he came up with this year.

homemade christmas candles

He got a few new stampy things, snow flakes being one of them and made this lovey pillar candle for me. There are 2 sizes of snow flakes, all made of wax, arranged around the candle. I never realised he was so patient to do all this kind of stuff, but he’s with me so he must have some patience!

snow flake candle

He raided his stash of wax scents and dyes to make some Christmas tree scented votive candles, this one has a wax snow flake on the top.

christmas tree scent snow flake candle

As I have a {slightly ridiculous amount} few lanterns he made me a whole bunch of tea lights, which look like tiny Christmas cakes.

christmas cake tealight candles

He even did little layers of cake, marzipan and icing, each topped with a wee sprig of holly.

christmas cake tealight candle

Isn’t he a clever sod?!

christmas candles and lantern

If there’s a power cut or all our light bulbs pop at the same time, we are totally sorted for light! Trouble is, I don’t like burning nice candles, seems kinda mean. I could never burn those Santa and snowman candles you can buy, something very wrong with a Santa who has his head half melted off!

And on that cheery note I’m off to find out why Ahren was trying to drink his juice through a straw up his nose!

Good time, good times!



  1. Oh my goodness, they are fantastic, the cake ones are amazing, what a talented hubby you have:)



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