How To Make Felt Jingle Bells ~ With Real Ding-a-ling Jingles


At the rate I’m going I will totally ready for Christmas.

Next year.

Because I’m just about ready to freak out like a headless chicken, its like someone just snapped their fingers and took December away, and I really kinda need it back, because we have diddle squat ready for next week.

I 'am making some pretty neat decorations so at least my home will look pretty even if Christmas dinner is dippy eggs or cheese on toast.

At the moment I’m making some decorations for the Christmas tree in the boys bedroom {not our brightest idea, but I can’t be ‘that’ mummy and take it away, so I shall make it look awesome and hope it survives into the New Year}

I’ve been wanting to use jingle bells in some way or another in the decorations


{not sure if its because of Polar Express but every Christmas I buy bells, not just any bells, they have to have the right ding-a-ling. I stand there in the store giving the bells a little shake, I mean what is the point in a jingle bell which doesn’t ding-a-ling?} so naturally I made some jingle bells for their tree.

festive felt jingle bells

There is something about felt which just screams Christmas, so naturally I used felt to make the jingle bells.

what you need

Any colour felt would work, but I decided to go with red, it just seems right.

For my bell template I had a mini freak out thinking I can’t draw for toffee and then thought

‘Ummm cookie cutter, duh’

Seriously, who knew cookie cutters could be so versatile!

I drew around the cookie cutter and then cut out the bell. I then placed this on the felt and drew around it a whole bunch of times.

jingle bell template on felt

For each bell you need 2 pieces, once I had drawn enough pieces to make 8 jingle bells I cut them out.

pieces of felt bells

To decorate them I attached some ric rac and buttons with glue.

felt bells with ric rac and button

I then paired up the pieces so they had a front and back. Starting at the top and working my way down one side, I used embroidery thread to do a blanket stitch to sew the 2 pieces together.

blanket stitch around jingle bell

Once I had sewn down to the bottom of the bell I threaded a jingle bell on to some bakers twine, a piece long enough that doubled over it was at least twice the length of the felt bell.

jingle bell and bakers twine

Holding the felt bell open I placed the threaded jingle bell in the centre of the felt bell with the jingle bell hanging a cm or so below the felt bell {that’s a very odd sentence to write}

placing bakers twine

{Do you like my oh so pretty peg to hold the felt bell open?}

I carried on with the blanket stitch  going around the bottom of the felt bell, securing the jingle bell in place as I went.

When I was sewing up the other side I used some toy stuffing stuff to stuff the felt bell until it was all nice and squidgy.

stuffed jingle bell

I used more another peg to keep it closed as I continued with the blanket stitch.

sides clipped together

Once I had sewn all the way up to the top of the felt bell I secured the bakers twine and snipped off any loose bits of embroidery thread.

And tah dah, I had a perfectly lovely felt jingle bell which really does jingle!

red felt jingle bells

I’m off to pop these on the tree, fingers crossed they survive in to the New Year! Actually, fingers crossed we all survive today what with the Mayans end of the world prediction!


  1. How CUTE!! I love them!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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