How To Verify A Blogger Blog For Your Pinterest Account ~meta tag

If your on Pinterest I’m sure you have seen the option to verify your website, if your anything like me, you’ve had a mare of a time trying to figure out how to do this.

I tried

I failed

Tried again

Failed again

Swore at my own stupidity

Wondered why I was bothering

Decided not to let Pinterest or Blogger beat me

Tried again


Tried again


In your face…..BOOM!

verifying your blog on pinterest with meta tags

I may be just slightly overly impressed with myself, and I don’t care!

To save you the hassle of swearing at yourself like I did, follow these easy steps and you to can be verified by Pinterest.

{No, I don’t know the point of it, but if the cool kids are doing it then so can I, although it is rather nice to have a big fat tick by my blog name}

I found the meta tag option soooooo easy compared to the download thingy, follow these easy steps to verify your website!

Go to your Pinterest account and using the drop down menu go to your settings

got to pinterest settings

Within the {settings} you will find your website and the option to verify it, you want to click on this.

Option to verify website

From here you will have the option to either download a file which you need to upload to your website {Don’t ask, I couldn’t do it} and an option to verify using Meta tags, this is the option I used.

verify website with meta tags

Click on the {Verify with a meta tag} link

On the next screen you will see something similar to this, you want to copy this code exactly as it is {don’t use the one below, this was for my blog, yours will be individual to your website}.

<meta content='94b5abe7bfde21a04815922407589848' name='p:domain_verify'/>

Go to your blogger account and using the drop down menu go to your {Template}

go to template

You will have the option to either Customise or Edit HTML, you want to {Edit HTML}

edit html

A warning will appear, be brave and click on {Proceed}

HTML warning

Your blogs template will open up in HTML, click on the {Expand Widget Templates}. In the bottom right hand corner you will see the option to save your template, make sure you do this before messing about with the HTML.

save and expand widgets

Using the {ctrl f} function search for <head>

search for head

Once you have found <head> you want to enter the copied meta tag text EXACTLY as is directly below <head>

enter meta tag

It’s important that you only enter the meta tag, entering anything else or heaven forbid taking something away could result in your blog going kapluhey!

Hit {Save template} once you have added the copied text.

Go back to your Pinterest account and click on the 3rd option to complete the verification process, wait a few seconds and then as if by magic you have a verified website!


I can not believe how much hassle I found the download option, perhaps you found it easy but for me, the meta tag option was definitely the way to go!

If you try this and run in to any problems let me know and I shall try to help!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I've been staring at the verify page in a bit of a haze, thinking, 'but I can't upload, can I?'. Didn't even realise that there was a meta tag option!

  2. This post is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you shared this. I pinned it and tweeted it'cause it's too good not to share! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. it worked! thanks so much.

  4. Hey Amanda ! Thank you so so much for this ! Done it :D

  5. OH. MY. GOODNESS. thank you so much for this! i've had THE HARDEST time figuring this out, and your tutorial was perfection. thank you thank you thank you. i pinned it for fellow bloggers.


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