Saving Those Special Decorations ~ How To Make Your Own Baubles

It happens every year, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

It has become as much a part of Christmas as mince pies and Kinder Santa’s, yep, I’m talking about broken decorations.

how to make your own baubles

I thought I was being clever by leaving all the glass baubles packed away this year, but it seems these mini baubles were just too much temptation.

mini baubles

We have our first festive casualty.

smashed bauble

I love these baubles, they were the perfect size for my mini pink tree, it seems Ahren likes them too and tried to claim them as his own. Other than being a bit dangerous for a toy, I like them too much to let him destroy them!

This led me to try thinking of a way to keep them safe, out of reach but still on display. Not an easy task with 2 little boys who seem to think they are mountain goats and able to climb absolutely anything and everything!

I found these clear baubles amongst the Christmas decorations and thought “Ahh ha! Baubles in a bauble!”

what you need

These are so simple to make!

The clear baubles are those you pop a photo in, but are suitable for a whole bunch of other fillings.

clear baubles

Once split open I sprinkled in some glitter and added in some mini baubles.

baubles and glitter

Popped the opposite side back on.

glitter baubles in a bauble

The red velvet ribbon wasn’t my style at all so I grabbed some festive ribbon and switched them over.

tied ribbon

I wodged the topper back on the bauble and gave it a little shake.

glitter bauble

I did for about 3 seconds, hang it on the tree, but then thought, “Ummm, nope” and placed it on the fire place amongst some other knickknacks.

baubles on mantle

I was rather chuffed with this, so decided to make another bauble filled with mini baubles, and decided to make one for my little Santa.

I made it the same way as the other 2 but instead of using glitter I used some Flower Soft.

flower soft

Not really sure what this is for but works pretty well as fake snow, fluffs up all nice and lovely.

snow in bauble

I then draped my ridiculously cute mini Santa in the bauble with the string placed over the top of the bauble.

santa in a snowy bauble

I popped the other half of the bauble on, keeping the string in place, switched over the red velvet for another piece of festive ribbon and wodged the topper back on.

This bauble sits along side the others on the mantle looking all lovely and Santaish.

santa on the mantel

I’ve almost finished tinkering with the decorations, but I’ve started thinking how plain everything is going to look in the New Year when everything comes down, putting my thinking hat on as to what to replace the Christmas decorations with!

I’m still waiting for some snow, not too confident that it will be a white Christmas, perhaps Easter will be snowy!






  1. This is such an adorable idea! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I definitely must try this out!

  2. What a clever idea! I love that it serves a purpose, yet is pretty too!


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