What To Do On New Years Eve?

Hubs asked what I wanted to do for New Years Eve, he suggested going out.

Ohhhh how I laughed.

ahren dardin

Random photo of Ahren dardin {family word for chilling}

Now, I’m not adverse to going out, once upon a time I was out Thursday ‘til Sunday with the odd day in-between either dancing up a storm in a club, doing a jive in a retro bar or moshing with the best of em’ in a heavy metal bar {a girl of many talents is me} or just plain old sit round a table putting the world to rights.

But the one night I have never gone out is New Years Eve. The few times I was tempted to go out I was working {waitressing stops for nothing and no one}.

There is nothing that would convince me to drag my arse to a club after a 12 hour shift only to be squashed in a crowd of strangers all paying over the odds to get up close and personal with smelly arm pits, over priced & watered down drinks and either a long walk home or a taxi queue from hell.

I’m much more a stay at home and party kinda gal.

I get all the fun of an evening out and get to collapse in my own bed when I’m too tired to carry on without worrying about last trains home {Croydon hotels have earned a small fortune from my lack of time management}, expensive taxis or freaking out because Patrick Swayze has turned up and is doing the moves from Dirty Dancing {it was actually a life size cut out, freaked me the hell out}. 

So this bring me back to what we should do for New Years Eve, there is no one I dislike enough to leave my kids with them at the moment {terrible twos my arse, they are almost 4 and the terribleness doesn’t look as though its ending any time soon}.

Its a bit late to plan a party and I know my kids would just take it over anyway.

So I figure it will be me and the hubs celebrating together, and I thought we could jazz the evening up by playing a drinking game, the kind where you have a shot or something every time {x} happens.

Now I just need to decide on what {x} will be.

If it wasn’t so mind numbingly boring I would suggest watching Numb3rs, and having a shot every time someone says {algorithm}, they say it A LOT!

Or something with cards and the winner or loser has to do whatever, but I’m a SERIOUSLY bad loser and don’t want to start a New Year being pissed at hubby.

We could be all refined and have a kind of wine tasting evening thing, but I DETEST red wine and couldn’t really tell you the difference between a dry or sweet. both are wet with bubbles, all I need to know!

{A former boyfriend was very unimpressed with my attitude to wine, which is cool as I was very unimpressed with his inability to handle his spirits, pah! He took me to a swanky wine bar ordered some red plonk which I compared to warm Ribena left in the sun too long, I stopped returning his call after that date}

I can’t be bothered with all the end of year review shows; showing who died, married and divorced, which countries went to war, who didn’t come home and just how much debt the country is in, much too depressing for sensitive little me.

Sooooo what to do, what to do what to do?

Seriously, what should we do?


  1. check out this post by my friend KC - I think I might do this with my kids! http://www.realcoake.blogspot.com/2012/12/family-new-years-eve.html

  2. I quite often end up with all my sisters children so we have a mini party including auld land syne but bedtime is 9 sharp (we follow a Christmas is for children and new years is for adults rule). Any adults remaining usually end up playing scrabble to kill time... which becomes pretty cut throat. We've had parties in the past but I can't be bothered anymore as it only takes one drunk to ruin it for all.

  3. Just enjoy the evening at home & in your pjs if you want to!

    We haven't gone out in years. I usually have my Mom & sisters over for a little eating & drinking. It's all very low key.

  4. Haven't heard the word 'dardin' before! Is that a word solely used in your family or does it have some root in a particular area? (I'm Sussex born and bred, all twittens and glims)

    Anyway, new years! I hope you and your hubby find something to do! My parents threw new years parties for a few years (which were periodically gatecrashed by a conga line from next door's party!) but they got sick of guests still being there at 4am and stopped it. Nowadays it's a low-key drink-and-watching-jools-holland. Not particularly exciting and being the introverted person I am I usually spend it on the internet! But it's nice to have a quiet little family new year celebration.

    I rather like your Numb3rs idea actually (though I'd substitute Numb3rs for Lord of the Rings and 'algorithm' for 'Frodo'!). To be honest I don't see anything wrong with just chilling out with a few drinks and something good on telly :)

    Y'know, I like wine, but a man that can't take spirits? I think you had a lucky escape!


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