When Mummy Has ‘Too Much Time’…. She Makes A Facebook Page!

So, I’m sat there drinking my coffee, debating whether or not to bust open the Kinder Santa, whilst {supervising} the boys hanging up some decorations, by hanging up I mean turning a chair upside down and looping jingle bells over the legs, and I think to myself
“You have too much time on your hands girly, why not see what this Facebook malarkey is all about”
{I’m hiding from the piles of laundry, the lights that need putting up, a shopping list which needs finalising and the breakfast dishes that need cleaning}
So naturally I go about setting up a Facebook page for my blog, and oh my gosh darn it, I only bloody did it!
But now its there I’m kinda wondering……what now?!
Its not as though I have nothing to say, some folk might even go as far to say I talk too much {as if}
Maybe I just need to untangle these random thoughts and whatnots and get them out there, you never know, one day some thing I uttered could be one of those quotes that people refer to, most likely not, but if I don’t start waffling on it’ll never happen!
Ohhhh I could be on a tea towel, living the dream!
I probably should have thought about this before making the blooming thing, but what now!?
What do you folk use your FB page for?
Is FB better than Twitter for chatting to peeps {I hate the 140 character limit}?
Any one want to help with the laundry?

I think I may have added my blog to my page, not really sure!
I have a like, thank you Amie!
And that's about it, we shall see just how much I can mess this up!


  1. Hey clever girl! i am super impressed.
    I tried facebook briefly but i think i am actually allergic, everyone else i know loves it, whats wrong with me???
    love jooles x

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I like your FB page! I'm your newest follower
    ! :)

  3. Hey there! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you go to my blog there are more details there!



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