Which Posts Have Been Pinned? And Who By?

So, you heard of a little thing called Pinterest?

Thought so.

I bet you also like to see what people have been pinning from your blog.

I’ve always used the good old




Both of which work great, but I found another way which gives a little more info.

4 steps to who pinned you

Anyway, I was {messing about} with Webmaster Tools {my new favourite thing} and was just having a nosey at which pages {posts} have been linked to the most and by whom.

Surprise surprise, Pinterest has a large number of my posts linked to it, but I wanted to know which ones!

If are a Blogger blogger, then you already have a Webmaster Tools account {who knew} if your not, well honestly I don’t know what to do, perhaps its will still work, but I just don’t know!


1Back to Blogger blogger, go here and log in using your regular Google account info.


webmaster tools log in

Your Blogger blog should already be there on the Dashboard, if not just use the Add button to add your blog.

webmaster tools dashboard1


twoIf you have more than one blog listed, click on the one you want to check.

Using the menu on the left hand side, go to



{Links to Your Site}

links to your site


3Go to the Pinterest link, from here you will get a list of all your posts which are linked to Pinterest.


pages linked to pinterest 

fourTo see details on an individual post, click on that particular link and you can see exactly who has pinned you.


boards where you are pinned

So, now you who is Pinning you and what they are Pinning!

Its worth while looking in to more than Pinterest to see who is linked to you, I found some surprising yet cheery results!

Webmaster Tools is new to me so I’ve been messing around with it a little, tomorrow I’ll share a few more tricks I’ve learnt!

dont panic

Okay, so a few of you guys have let me know that no info is available for your blogs, apparently it can take Google a little while to show the results once you link your blog {that pesky technology} so don’t panic!

You gals all have crazy popular blogs full of clicks and links so I’m sure Google will be crawling all over it soon {ooo eer}

This link {here} will give you more info!


  1. that's really great info, thanks. for some reason when I click on links to my site it shows no data available. :( but I'm going to keep playing around!

  2. OMG this info is awesome....now I can have a new stat to obsess over! hahahaha

    guess what? pinning THIS post! :)
    thanks amanda!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Interesting! But no data is showing. Probably because I just added webmaster tools. And haha, I found you because Gail pinned you and I'm following Gail on Pinterest :-).



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