50 Things About Me ~ Blog Hop Linky Thing!

Lately I've been getting a little more active on Twitter {ridiculously addicting} and engaging more with people I've met through blogging and what not. But with only 140 characters its hard to get much across and profiles always seem stupidly awkward to write, so I thought I’d do a post on, well me!

Specifically 50 random things you didn't know about me, which I'm sure you were dying to know!

50 things
  1. I find slicing mushrooms relaxing
  2. I got my tongue pierced…
  3. and got spaghetti hoops stuck on the bar
  4. I’m totally blind without my contact lenses
  5. I used to smoke….
  6. then one day just stopped.
  7. I’ve never drunk a pint of beer or lager…
  8. but LOVE Snake Bite & Black
  9. My baby toes can bend to right angles, eww
  10. I can roll my tongue…
  11. but can’t click my fingers
  12. I prefer bare feet to shoes or slippers
  13. I met Rolf Harris at the BBC Fair {I was about 7, he was cool then}
  14. The smell of fresh cut peppers is one of my favourites
  15. I’m scared of spiders….
  16. yet had a pet Rottweiler {he was adorable}
  17. I like a quick shower before having a bath {don’t want to sit in dirty water}
  18. When I was 8ish I had to have most of my hair cut off after Zoe tied it in tiny knots {think of the scene in Annie where they cut her hair short}
  19. My hair is naturally curly NOT PERMED
  20. A teacher got my name wrong for 5 years, I yelled at her on the last day of school
  21. I’ve never had a manicure…
  22. or a pedicure
  23. I want a pet penguin
  24. and a moose
  25. I got a tattoo…
  26. as moral support to my friend who wanted to get one but was scared of the pain…
  27. It was good pain!
  28. I used to swear a lot {squaddies daughter, couldn't be helped}….
  29. now make up new words instead..
  30. hubby blushes over some of the things I say
  31. I saved a Starfish…
  32. and resuscitated a gold fish
  33. Looked after a seagull, we called him Hoppy, he was awesome
  34. I almost died having my twins
  35. The first words I said to hubs were “Do you want to see my flower?”…
  36. I was referring to the flower in my hair Hawaii style
  37. I like to sing, loud
  38. I've moshed in the mosh pit to Metallica
  39. I laugh loud and long
  40. I love walking
  41. I’m taller than my mum…
  42. but shorter than my little sister!
  43. I dance like no one is watching, all the time, even when they are watching
  44. First time I flew I cried
  45. In my previous job I was a hard arse manager who fired lazy people
  46. I love Lucky Charms
  47. I hate Marmite
  48. I studied philosophy, politics and sociology…
  49. I love to argue debate
  50. Am much more complex than people think!
I thought it might be kinda fun to have a bit of a linky party going on, and share the embarrassment, I mean totally random and interesting facts you want everyone to know!

Use the doodah below to link up, don’t worry if you can’t think of 50 things, share what you have.


  1. Love this idea, will definitely join in. Just one question...how do you resuscitate a goldfish?!?

  2. This is a great idea! Will join in on this! :D

    I'm curious--what did you get tattooed? (My sister has a small collection of tattoos going on, ranging from a tiny heart to an indian squaw!)

  3. Ditto above - what's the tattoo?! I'm putting my money on a dolphin. Anyway. You're hilarious, I have done mine, I have absolutely no idea why, I just was COMPELLED to. It was fun!

  4. very funny stuff. I had a teacher call me the wrong name too. while I was in her class she knew it but before and then again after she'd say it wrong. she called my house and asked if this was Daria - I'm Dara, not Daria - so I was like NO!

  5. As "Hubby" to Amanda, I feel compelled to make some updates to some of her points above:

    1) I find slicing mushrooms relaxing (but as soon as that's done I abandon the kitchen and let Hubby work his culinary magic)

    8) I LOVE Snake Bite & Black (although Hubby has NEVER seen me imbibe even a drop of this awful concoction)

    11) I can't click my fingers (but it doesn't stop me trying at every given opportunity)

    15) I'm scared of spiders (to the point that I flap my arms, stamp my feet and scream until the cold sweats stop. Yet Hubby bought me a device for capturing and disposing of spiders without harming them and without having to be within 6ft of the things and I never used it once!)

    30) Hubby blushes over some of the things I say (because I occasionally have very little sense of tact and often say inappropriate things at the very worst time)

    35) The first words I said to Hubby were "Do you want to see my flower?" (yet when he said yes and I turned to show him, there was no flower (Hawaii style or otherwise))

    44) First time I flew I cried (and nearly broke the bones in Hubby's hand because I was squeezing it so hard. This has also happened every time we've flown since!)

    47) I hate Marmite (yet have never tried it. Hubby thinks this is ridiculous due to my love of Twiglets!)

    1. Dude,

      1) You like to cook and so my gift to you is allowing you to cook for me, you are welcome!

      8) You make them, I shall drink them. Be prepared for my awesomeness!

      11) Whatever! Next time you do that weird dislocated finger joint thing, I will snap it off

      15) Your job as my man is to protect me from danger, spiders are dangerous SO PROTECT ME!

      30) I'm VERY tactful and nothing I say is inappropriate EVER!

      35) I lost it on the way to the pub, it was pretty and I miss it!

      44) Flying is not natural, big hunks of metal just 'flying' in the air, gah what next sliced bread?

      47) Umm, babe, you're the freak who eats his toast with Marmite, peanut butter and cheese! You don't even like coffee/ tea/ Mint Aeros/ Crumpets/ Nutella actually you're just a freakin' nut job!

      Now, can I have a chopped apple and a drinkiepooh please mwah

    2. 1) Fair enough. But occasionally I like to chop mushrooms too.

      8) Awesomeness? From the woman that gets squiffy after half a glass of wine diluted with lemonade???

      11) Don't mock the afflicted! I can't help having dodgy thumb joints.

      15) Spiders ARE NOT dangerous. Well at least not here in Blighty.

      30) Tactful? Really? Remember the man at the train station who according to your "tactful brain" was "Too young to be blind"?????

      35) No comment, too easy!

      44) Understand the science behind flight and it makes perfect sense.

      47) Not just mint Aeros but ANY Aeros. Bubbly chocolate is NOT good! Oh and I love Nutella, but nut allergies preclude me from eating it, so ner :P

      Not sure if you should have another drink as you spilt the last one all over the plug socket less than 10 seconds after I handed it to you.

    3. Seriously dude, I know where you live!

      And I'm gonna tell your mum, so ner! IN YOUR FACE, BOOM!

      1) I let you chop the onions!

      8) Give me a bottle Jack and I'll drink you under the table, Hiccup Boy!

      11) So, I'll be doing you a favour if I get rid of them, SNAP SNAP!

      15) Oh look, there's a horse behind you, dressed as a clown!

      30) I was pregnant with your spawn, I was lucky to still know my own name!

      35) I'm not easy!

      44) No, no I wont, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

      47) Whatever, you stick to your skanky Marmite!

  6. Ha ha you two are hilarious! Carry on lol ;-)

  7. He he I just thought Id but in with my link, but i had alot of fun reading you two due to the death here. Keep going its hilarious. You are obviously perfect for each other. xxx

  8. I added my post to the linky. What a great idea! I really, really struggle to get my personality across online, so this has been a wonderful exercise in not only doing that, but rediscovering some of the quirky things about myself. Thank you!

  9. I found you via Five's A Fellowship, love your post and your following 'debate', in hysterics now!
    I've joined your linky, thank you for setting it up :)

  10. Great blog hop, I'm joining in :) x


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