Cinnamon Muffin Cakes

I’m a bit of nut when it comes to cinnamon, if I can away with putting cinnamon on something, I will!

So, when I saw this recipe over at Can you stay for dinner I was like “Hell yes!”

The original recipe was for 12 muffins, using regular cupcake cases I was able to get 18 decent cake muffin things. It also required dipping the each cake in melted butter before coating it in a sugar & cinnamon  mixture, ummm nope, too much for me so I just stick to dipping the top of each cake in the melted butter butter before dipping in the sugar & cinnamon mix.


Getting started…


The making…..

baking the cakes

Finishing touches!

muffin topping mix

Cinnamon Muffin Cake greatness

cinnamon muffins




  1. Hmmm may experiment replacing the cinnamon with ginger, lurve ginger xx


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