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I really enjoyed the little link up last week, always great fun learning more about the people you stalk follow.

{Hmm, follow doesn't really sound much better does it? But it seems socially acceptable so it's all good}

So, I’ve decided to try and have a different linky each week, with a different theme, ‘cause you know, I just like making life difficult for myself!

Every Saturday, when I remember, I shall put up a new linky which you can in either join in, or not, if not, well I might cry I might not, but you will definitely be taken off the Christmas card list, and trust me, you don’t want that!
This years card is going to be EPIC!

So, this week is all about This or That, a random bunch of things and you like either one or the other..

this or that

Pepsi or Coke
Dog or Cat
Movie or Book
Twitter or Facebook
Book or E~reader
Tea or Coffee
Ketchup or Brown Sauce
Sweet or Savoury
Red or White
Bath or Shower
Pub or Wine Bar
PJ’s or Nekkid
Mickey Mouse or Danger Mouse
IPod or Walkman
Chocolate or Vanilla
Frank Sinatra or Sam Cooke
Original or Improved
Glass or Plastic
Pancakes or Waffles
Home or Away

long beach

So, just copy and paste to your blog post and let us know, you can give details if you want, ‘cause its nice to share!

Pepsi or Coke ~ Coke, as Pepsi is all bubbles and no drink, pah!
Dog or Cat ~ Dogs, cats seems rather grumpy and moody, at least dogs look as though they laugh at times
Movie or Book ~ Not sure any movie has been better than the book, although there is no way in heck I would have read all of LOTR
Twitter or Facebook ~ Twitter, I can’t actually tell when I have posted to FB, I keep my fingers crossed and hope no one gets pissed off if I send the same thing out a few times
Book or E~reader ~ NOTHING beats the smell of a new book and the satisfying crack of the spine
Tea or Coffee ~ Coffee all the way, and NO Starbucks swill does not pass for coffee!  Pah, I spit at your manky coffee beans, but I do love your red cups!
Ketchup or Brown Sauce ~ Ketchup, I just don’t {get} Brown Sauce, what is it and why hasn’t it got a proper name?
Sweet or Savoury ~ Hmmm, actually need to think about this one. I lurve me some sweet, but extra strong cheddar and crackers, mmmm yummy, and Sainsbury's American Mix is YUMTASTIC and should not just be for Christmas!
Red or White ~ I shall have to say white, you may recall I refer to red wine as “old Ribena left out in the warm sun all day”
Bath or Shower ~ A toughie, a bath can be relaxing, but I get bored by the time the tub is full, and end up splashing the water everywhere when I practice my swimming. Singing in the shower is a plus, hmm I might need to think more about this
Pub or Wine Bar ~ PUB, I can not stand wanky wine bars!
PJ’s or Nekkid ~ Depends, very few things in life are better than crawling under clean sheets when fresh out the shower, PJ’s just get in the way. Saying that I probably have over 20 pairs of PJ’s and nighties!
Mickey Mouse or Danger Mouse ~ Danger Mouse, Mickey is actually a bit of a bully and well, I just don’t like someone when their ears move around their head! And Penfold is possibly the BEST EVER sidekick!
IPod or Walkman ~ I had an IPod, it stopped working, and I do not like having anything I can’t take apart with a screwdriver, half the fun in owning anything is being able to take it apart and put it back together. So Walkman me up baby! Oh and who actually needs that many songs, it would take forever and a day to listen to it all, I do not do well with choices, I’m the kinda gal that needs to be told, or I just run amok!
Chocolate or Vanilla ~ Vanilla ice cream is a classic, sprinkle on some sprinkles or a crumpled Flake, mmmm
Frank Sinatra or Sam Cooke ~ Frank all they way
Original or Improved ~ Original. New Mini, not really very mini. No improved crisps taste better than the original EVER! I wish ‘they’ would leave things alone.
Glass or Plastic ~ Coke taste sooooo much better in a glass bottle, trust me, go buy one, pop the lid insert a paper straw, grab a bag of salt n vinegar Golden Wonder and plonk your arse on a bench in a pub garden in the summer, umm yes please!
Pancakes or Waffles ~ Ohhh man, I shall have to say waffles, just cause well, I like to eat them one little itibity square at a time
Home or Away ~ Flying is just wrong and when we have some amazing places just a hop, skip and a jump down the road, why clamber into a metal box with strangers, breathing in recycled farts and eating food which honestly if served to you in a restaurant you’d throw back at them!

So, there’s my answers for this or that

Hope you play along, use the linky doo dah to link up!


  1. I like the idea of this! Will try to join in the linky tomorrow when I have unzombified my brain :)
    Did you see the 'old skool' stuff on the CITV channel last weekend? They showed DangerMouse! :D

  2. did you mean to say 'swanky' wine bar, because your spellcheck was probably more right! haha Shall be copying and pasting right now! xx


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