What To Do When You Can’t Sleep?

It is 3:38am and I’m not sleeping.

Everyone else in the house is asleep and I’m so wide awake I feel like jumping on my bike and going for a cycle along the beach without anyone to ruin it for me, but its dark and cold out, besides there are bound to be a few nutters out there and it would be just my luck to meet them.

So, what’s a gal to do when insomnia strikes again and its the middle of the night? I can tell you a few things she shouldn’t do {some might be from experience, others I just guess would be frowned upon}

Trying to take down Christmas decorations quietly

Discreetly kick hubby until he wakes up so there is someone to talk to

Clean the house top to bottom

Ask hubby if he’s awake when he’s blatantly asleep

Ask louder if hubby is asleep

Play the boxing game on Wii

Take the rubbish out….. and let the door close behind you

Have bath, and fall asleep in the bath

Have a shower and practice your awesome top notch singing

See how far the shower spray goes in to next doors garden {far}

Practice your evil laugh, loudly

Attempt to tidy the kids room whilst they are sleeping in it

Baking and using the electric mixer to mix the ingredients


Switch the living room and dining room around and get the sofa stuck in the door way

Through selflessly dedicating my time and effort I know a few things not to do, but I still have no idea what to do!

I get bouts of insomnia every once in a while, and always at this time of year {I wont blame my nana and dad for dying at Christmas, but well, it doesn’t help} and I’m buggered if I know what to do with that time.

I have some kick arse knock out drugs {from the doc} which can help but I don’t want to rely on them, and I get so jazzed up I need to {SOMETHING}.

So, is anyone else out there a bit of an insomniac, got any tips on what to do to fill those random hours of the day you didn’t plan on being awake for?!

I spend some of the time contemplating those questions which most folk don’t have the time for, but still want to know the answers, like

When you have a bubble bath and the water is coloured by the bubble bath liquid, how come by the time you get out of the bath the colour has gone, but neither you or the tub are pink / blue / green?

Do cows moo in dialects. Can a French cow understand a Brazilian cow, or do they not care care enough to moo at each other?

Am I really taller laying down than when standing up {my feet actually do look further away when I’m laying down}?

Why does it take eBay 3 days to remove a dead bird from its listings?

Does what goes up really have to come down, what if it likes it up there?

Is there actually any visual similarity between a star up in the sky and those 5 pointed things we call stars, if not, why are they called stars and not just, pointy shaped shape things.

You can see I have a lot to think about, but I need something to do other than think, cause well, thinking at 3.38am is hard work, especially when it comes to such important matters.

So any suggestions please, other than reading, I’m a speed reader and can go through 2/3 books a day, and oh my goshness if the author dares to write the story wrong, well, lets not even go there!

{Whilst I wrote this at stupid o’clock in the morning, there was no way I’d hit publish before checking there was nothing too embarrassing}


  1. you. are. AWESOME.

    Haha, I was nearly wetting myself laughing at this :D

    I have a lot of trouble sleeping too, I generally paint my nails or clean... Nothing as exciting as you! I'm taking your list as a TO DO list when I next can't get off to nodland :D

  2. Come take care of my little one who was awake at 3 am---I will gladly pass on the duty:) Hopefully you get some sleep tonight!


  3. A CB therapist once to told me to do something I dislike like ironing to teach my body that if it woke up then it would have to do this horrible thing! Never tried it so not sure if it works. I find magnesium oil good but obvs not that good cos I'm still awake : (

  4. Sry forgot popiz01@hotmail.co.uk and www.mommymugglesthrough.blogspot.com don't like gremlins x


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