Adding Retro Chic To The Fridge

The fridge.

Such a glorious if environmentally unfriendly invention.

They are a feature in most kitchens yet the inventor designer types haven’t really managed to make them look all that pretty.

I can see mine now, a hulking great silver block humming in the corner, trying to blend in, but not really managing it.


But it’s not the end of the world, not yet any way.

One of my pointless aims in life is to somehow stop our boring ol’ fridge being so boring, so little by little I’m making it a bit prettier, not an easy task when you’re dealing with a fridge.

So far I’ve added some magnetic bunting, pretty darn spiffy, some seaside themed magnet things, pretty darn vintagetastic and other random odds and sods.

Well now its time for the snipped up postcards!

on the fridge

I got these a while ago, but either the frames were too small or the postcards too big, not sure to be honest, so they sat there, doing nothing, until I thought “Ahh haaa, postcards + magnetic paper = magnetastic.

Want to make some, sure ya do!

what you need to make magnets

These are so ridiculously easy to make.

Get some postcards you like, preferably ones which can be snipped up.

retro postcards

Cut them up and keep the pieces you want to turn in to magnets.

snipped up postcards

Cover the non magnetic side of the magnetic paper with glue, arrange the snipped up pieces of postcards on the paper.


Leave over night if you can, or just place something heavy on top for a while to really smoosh them together.

Once everything is dry, snip them up again.

cut in to magnets

Place on the fridge and marvel at the gorgeousness!

pretty fridge

Ohhh how lovely!


  1. Looks great! I was looking at that magnetic paper the other day but resisted the temptation to buy it, I might have to go back and get some now!



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