Big Day Out ~ Britmums Live

I’ve mentioned before that I can’t handle making decisions, but sometimes, when I have to, I make monumentally stupid ones.

Some of my finest have been

diving headfirst into a hedgerow to catch a hedgehog,

believing a bottle of vodka and a pint glass go well together,

thinking that taking the door off a dishwasher is great way to clean the bloody thing!

I can also make decisions which sometimes I begin to regret, my most recent is deciding to go to Britmums Live.


Little ol’ me, who hasn’t been out on her own since 2009 {yes you read that right} had the bright idea that going to a blog conference in the middle of London with 500 or so people would be okay!

Did I mention that I don’t actually know anyone going?

What the hell was I thinking?

I probably wasn’t thinking, which how I ended up buying a ticket, that and the fact that PayPal makes this kind of impulse purchase too damn easy.

Oh and Cas who guest posts on Beans blog mummyneversleeps kinda talked me in to it, and you know how bloody persuasive she can be!

So, now I have a ticket, and I’m starting to stress. I have just under 5 months or so to sort myself out enough so that I don’t make a complete and total arse of myself, which I’m more than capable of doing.

Five months may seem like a long time, but it isn’t.

It really isn’t.

I’m sure the best advice would be to “Be yourself”, but I have no idea who that is anymore. I haven’t met and interacted with strangers since 2009, pathetic I know, but that’s how I roll at the moment.

Some people would maybe relish the chance of a do over, being able to pluck a new personality out the sky, but I can’t cause I’m not sure I could pull off a brazenly bold personality, actually I know I couldn’t, well I could, but I’d need a few drinks first, then it would probably just become weird. But neither am I meek little mouse who sits on the side lines.

I’m going to go, and I shall {enjoy} myself whilst I’m there.

If you’re going and see a 5’2” brunette bouncing around all excited with a dirty laugh, that will be me, come say hi!


Outmumbered has a link up for those going to Britmums Live, a kind of meet and greet type thing.


  1. I will be there and feeling equally nervous!! If you see someone attempting to hide behind their phone screen to avoid making a fool of themselves with bad small talk...that will be me :oD

  2. I don't know anyone either! I am rubbish in group situations - and will probably attempt to be funny and seem a bit odd - so you may just want to avoid me! Will go and link up later!

  3. Good for you for making these plans AND putting it out there! That always helps see things through! I think you'll do great and be glad you did it. (Says the gal that it took one whole month to try out a kickboxing class - I was beside myself with nerves!! Just finished my 3rd class today and I love it. I still get nervous, but doing it that first time was the hardest!). Can't wait to hear about it in five months :)

  4. *holds your hand* DUDE WE'RE GONNA DO THIS! *scream*

    Hahaha I remember reading your dishwashergate post, you noob :D

  5. Eek I'm a 5'2" brunette who is also made a crazy decision to attend Britmums live without ever having met any of these seemingly nice people in real life! I hope they don't get us muddled up! Oh gosh, every time I think about it, my stomach churns over! Are you staying over? I am still undecided and my OH is fearful that everyone might be an axe to convince him otherwise?!

  6. I'm going to be there too! And feel equally as terrified! xx


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