Birthmark Update!

Everyday, people stumble upon my blog having looked for information on birthmarks, since sharing Ethan’s story I like to do updates every once in a while, no one likes a story left untold after all!

If you’re new here, you can read more about it here and here.

Our beautiful little boy went from no birthmark


To red splotches on his cheeks, much like a heat rash, within 2 weeks of being born.

15 april

By the end of the month the redness had deepen in texture and colour.

another 2 weeks

Not long after he was in PICU having life saving surgery.

Ethan in picu

Fast forward to today and you can hardly notice his birthmarks at all.

sleeping ethan

Looking back at photos its hard to imagine everything he went through.


 At the moment he is free of all meds and other than being a little smaller than his brother, he’s had no long lasting side effects from all the drugs.

The issue of surgery on his lip is still up in the air, we need to see how the scar tissue develops as he grows before any decision is made.

He starts school in September and I’ll admit I’m worried about bullying, kids can be unintentionally cruel but hopefully we wont have any problems.

So at the moment, what was once a horrifyingly scary situation has calmed right down, looking at him you wouldn’t think just how serious everything got.


  1. poor little sweetie x but as you say, you would never know now, that is just amazing and must be such a comfort for other parents whose children have birthmarks to read this.
    two little cuties!
    love jooles xxx

  2. Oh, poor little thing! I'm so sorry for everything you went through. They are both precious, and you can hardly see any marks! I

  3. I can't believe a birthmark that wasn't there at birth could put you in hospital. Poor sweetie, so glad it's sorted out, you can hardly notice it now

  4. Gosh, I had no idea a birthmark could put you in Hospital! So glad to hear that everything is okay now, and you can barely see any marks. Such handsome little guys you have :) xx

  5. I remember commenting on the post a while ago about the birthmark and completely forgot it was you! I'm SO glad he's well again, you can barely tell there was ever anything there. Such a cutie pie x

  6. Wow, what a difference, it is amazing! My friend's daughter has a vascular malformation and has very pronounced marks on the right side of her body, especially bad on her arm and hand. When she started school lots of the kids in her class asked what was wrong with her arm, she told them they were her birth marks, and they got on with it. No one was mean, intentionally or unintentionally, it is actually adults she has encountered when out and about who have been the unintentionally mean ones...


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  8. He is beautiful. I had no idea that a birthmark could be so serious!(I'm an ex nurse,but have never encountered such a story.) Hope everything is still going ok and he is looking forward to school.xx

  9. Two beautiful babies... I hope their faces look perfect when years passes..


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