Crafting With Kids ~ Pop Stick Frames

Despite feeling like death warmed up when I climbed out of bed this morning I had the ridiculous idea to do a little crafting project with the kids.

Between head butting myself on my knee when I sneezed and then head butting the fireplace we managed to create some fun little frames for the boys to display some of their art work.

If you have little ones that need entertaining, and you find it okay for your kid to glue his foot to the floor, you should give these a go.

what you need for popstick frames

I have no idea where the pop sticks came from, but eBay probably has a 1000 shops with them.

To make each frame we laid out 2 sticks parallel  to each other, then added a blob of glue to each end.

2 pops

We then placed 2 sticks over the glue like this.

square pops

To smoosh the sticks nice and tightly together we clipped the pieces together.

clamped and drying

We pootled off to make lunch while the glue dried.

Once the boys had worn down my defences I gave in and let them decorate their frames.

odds and sods

I realised that I didn’t have anything really boyish for them to decorate with but neither seemed all that bothered!

With some dabs of glue the boys were able to add some decorations to their frames.

They then used sticky letters to add their names.

adding some decorting

Once they were done, we added some of their art work.

with art work

Then attached some magnetic strips to the back of each frame.

magnetic strips

Once all done, the boys were beyond excited to pop their frames up on the fridge.

look what we made

Here they are doing their proud ta dah moment.

ta dah

Don’t they look great, both my boys and the frames!

So, umm yeah, blog award season is upon us here in Blighty and some how without resorting to threats or bribery I have been nominated in 3 categories, Most Entertaining, Best Craft Blog and Blog of the Year!

I know, I’m as shocked as you are!

Voting ends tonight at midnight, eeek!

Anyway, if you want to add to my tally you can vote here, ta muchly, you know I’ll love you forever!


  1. This is so cute....where do you get your magnetic strips?

  2. Genius I am loving this idea for fine motor skills


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