Felt Bunting, Knocking The Smug Off Walls ~ MAD Blog Awards

I have a thing about walls, not that kind of thing you dirty mare!

They annoy me the way they stand there in almost a mocking “ohh look at me I’m a wall, big, blank and in your way” kinda way.

Next time you want to build that extension, take a short cut or walk with your head down looking at your feet I bet there’s a sodding wall in the way!

Anyway, shockingly enough, there is a wall in my living room, actually there are 4, or if I want to be really pedantic there are 8 walls, 4 doors and a fireplace, but strangely enough no windows.

Back to the wall. I don’t like it, I would put a window in it but the neighbour next door will probably have something to say about me whacking a hole in her living room.

As the wall is covered in ye oldie style plastering stuff which makes it impossible to bang nails or screws in to the thing without having the whole wall explode, leaving craters all over the place I’m somewhat limited as to what I can do with the thing. adding joy and stars

I decided to go with my wall decorating staple of bunting, original I know!

This time I decided to go with felt flags and a little inspiring quote.

Want to make your own, yeah you do!

what you need felt

Using a template I cut out a bunch of flags.

felt bunting flags

I then traced round some cardboard letters on to a sheet of sticky back felt, making sure I spelt out

Be joyful always

trace round letters on to felt sheet

sticky felt letters

Once they were all cut out, I paired up a letter with a flag, removed the backing and stuck the letters to their flags.

Using some embroidery thread I strung the flags together, and hung the whole thing on the wall.

that wall

The {Be} would have looked a little lonely so I added a few stars.



One not so smug wall!

adding joy and stars

So, blog award season is upon us here in Blighty and some how without resorting to threats or bribery I have been nominated in 3 categories, Most Entertaining, Best Craft Blog and Blog of the Year!

I know, I’m as shocked as you are.

Anyway, if you want to add to my tally you can vote here, ta muchly, you know I’ll love you forever!


  1. Love your bunting. Doing my nominations tomorrow x


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