Free Time ~ Where Did It Go, And Do You Really Want It?

Free time, you may have heard of it, a lucky few may have even experienced it.

Once you become a parent free time is relegated to that mythical place along with sleeping in, hot dinners eaten at a reasonable time of day {there are many more but if I get in to now I’m likely to collapse in a heap of tears at all the things I miss}

Regardless of how much I love my kids, and I do, I really really do, every once in a while there comes a time when I need some down time.

Time away from my kids.

my little darlings

Time where I can just be, and not have kids hanging off my arms, pulling my hair, demanding all my attention, and wiping dirty hands on me whilst requesting Marmite sandwiches, niggles and pick ups.

Not for long, just long enough to remember what it’s like to pee alone, and not have the same damn argument about where I’m hiding my willy {I don’t have a willy}

Long enough to enjoy a meal that is still hot and served at a decent hour, without having to trudge upstairs 15 times because there is “just one more question I have to tell you…” {Ahren you don’t even make sense you adorable crazy boy you}

Long enough to get dressed in “nice clothes” that remain clean until I take them off {today I travelled on the train from Eastbourne to Croydon and back before I realised I had toddler boy poop on my jeans. Nice}

Long enough that the day hasn’t passed into the PM before I’m able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee {I need coffee, you wont like me without my coffee. You wont and you have been warned}

Long enough that I can hoover the carpets without having someone pull out the plug or find little toys to stuff up the hose {every damn time it happens, next time I wont shift through the hoover crap for the Lego}

Long enough that I can raid the sweetie cupboard without having to share my ill gotten contraband {even if I love you, I don’t like to share my chocolate}

Long enough that I can have a bath {with hot water} without having little people throw; toys, cups, a spider, crayons or baby wipes in the water or trying to steal my bubbles

Long enough that I can get dressed without having comments on my boobs or booberliser {yes boys, I have boobs, they aren't small and I wear bras, get over it already}

Ahren in a bra

I don’t want too long without my boys, just a little bit so I can get myself together, cause as I’m sat here on a Friday night {watching 24 which is really rather terrible} I’m freaking out over the peace and quiet, the lack of Lego bricks scattered across the floor is worrying, the clean pjs feel weird, hot food tasted odd and well, not having cuddles just feels crap and a little lonely.

It seems free time really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


  1. aw bless you! I struggle with what to do.......and end up doing housework. Thats crap too xx

  2. Reading this post really made me laugh! Funny isn't it, that there are so many things that we have NO IDEA is coming our way before children, and the small things we learn to want after - going to the toilet on your own is a real treat! :-D


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