Learning With Lego

Breaking News!

Lego is not just for standing on!

I was shocked, shocked I tell you.

{Apparently it’s also used for making stuff, awesome stuff so I’m told}

Anyhoo, the other day I found a bunch of cards in the boys room, originally there were 10 cards in each set, blue, red, yellow and green. Somehow they have lost all the blue and enough of the others that the only way to make a complete 1 – 10 numbered set is to mix up the colours.

I did debate just tossing them away, but then had a mini genius idea.

sorting and numbers with lego

Throughout the day, the kids and I came up with 3 different ways to make learning just a little more fun.

matching legos to cards

building matching towers

making numbers from lego 

Who says learning can’t be fun!


  1. oh you little clever clogs you!! I just use it for breaking bones on!

  2. What a great idea! My eldest is obsessed with lego, he would have loved this when he was learning his numbers!


  3. What an excellent idea - my 4 year old will love this :)


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