Making Letters & Shapes With Pop Sticks ~ Crafting With Kids

This week I’m learning that pop sticks have a bunch of uses other than being… sticks!


Whilst we were making the pop stick frames the other day the boys began using them to make letters, without any prompting from me!

A very proud mama moment.

I already had some covered in pretty paper, which are much nicer than the plain ol’ wood look.

making letters and shapes with pop sticks

The boys are now using them to spell out letters and words

ahren sticksethan sticks

The sticks are also great to make shapes, pretty darn clever my kiddos!

making shapes

Do you like my pj bottoms?

Even though I’m still  feeling awful, I’m in full on entertaining mode for the kiddos, I even made a tent today for them!

It almost killed me, and I’m down 2 laundry baskets, but they love it so that is all that matters.



  1. It's awesome that you are a 'hands on mum', doing stuff with your boys :) They'll remember you doing those things with them when they are grown up!
    The tent looks awesome!

  2. Dude, I need instructions for that tent, it is AWESOME!! Hope you feel better really soon xx


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