No One Told Me They Grow Up So Fast

Despite buying every magazine, book, dvd and post it note on pregnancy and babies not a single one told me the most important thing.

The one thing you really need to consider when venturing into the exclusive club that is Parenting.

They don’t stay babies for long.

my babies

Like, maybe a day or two, a week if you’re lucky.

After that; toddler, pre schooler, chid, tween, teen, “young adult”, grown up then a fully fledged badge wearing card carrying throw your arse in jail adult.

Some how I managed to not even consider the possibility that my baby {yeah the whole twin thing took me by surprise} would one day not be a baby.

It just never entered my mind that I’d have a school attending child who would morph into a smelly, cranky argumentative teenager and beyond.

My naivety in this situation really hit home when applying to schools for the boys to attend in September; they are growing up faster than I’m ready to deal with.

Four years ago I was marvelling at the fact I could make 2 people at the same time, that my boobs could get that big, I could balance a cup on my tummy and hadn’t seen my feet in months and not once did it enter my head that one day my babies wouldn’t be babies.

I’m starting to realise my babies are no longer babies.

It’s both a crushing blow that they no longer depend on me for everything, yet an immensely proud moment to think of all they have overcome to get to this point in their lives.

As I watch them playing this morning, chasing shadows, trying to throw each other over the sofa before commencing Spinning Rugby Tackle Smack Down whilst telling me I’m a princess cause I’m wearing a dress it’s hard to reconcile the two hyper boys with the tiny babies who could fit side by side in their basket with room to wriggle.

At the moment nearly every day is naked day; the boys strip off and run around in all their glory bending over to demand someone cleans their bum before running off giggling at their own farts.

They clamber in my arms to snuggle and hide when Tinkerbell gets too scary, they give me a kiss when they see I’ve become sad and try to convince me marmite and chocolate sandwiches are all a person needs to survive.

They agree with me 100% that some words should be sung not spoken and believe dancing round the round the house like a loon is the best form of exercise.

My boys

And over the next few months I have to down play most of this behaviour, get them to behave in a more “respectable” way so we don’t all end up in detention every Friday {again}.

I really don’t want to.

I didn’t realise my babies would grow in to little boys, but now they are, they are amazing in so many ways, and I have to get ready to say goodbye to this stage of their lives and prepare them for school.

No one told me, I never realised and I’m so far away from ready.


  1. This was one precious post! I saw a diaper commercial the other day that said "they are only babies for a year" and it made me cry. My little girl is 7 1/2 months and i just keep counting down the months until I have a one year old and it shocks me every time :) they do grow up fast. Beautiful post and beautiful boys. I especially like the part where they show their butts to you :) Have a great day!

  2. It really is true, Amanda, they DO grow up so fast. Scarily so. My daughter has just turned 12 and I'm wondering what happened to the cute little chubby thing who enjoyed a cuddle, loved wearing fairy dresses and doing silly dances in the kitchen. It's so demoralising having a pre-teen: they're so critical of everything you say, do and wear, they're rude and are perpetually embarrased about you. As I say, demoralising...

    Enjoy your lovely boys. xx

  3. Awww this is so very true :( Meg starts school in September and all of a sudden she's just transformed into this real little girl and is so not my baby anymore. The time just goes too too quickly!

  4. Oh wow, what a great post! It brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for reminding me how precious our kids are and how quickly they grow up...your boys are just lovely!

  5. I went to give my biggest boy a cuddle the other day......and i fitted nicely onto HIS shoulder :-( when do that happen!? xx


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