Rainbow Stars Bunting ~ Crafting With Kids

What is wrong with me?

This week I have been feeling so sick yet have some how found the oomph to do crafty fun stuff with the kids almost every day!

Nice to know there is a silver lining to feeling so shoddy!

We’ve been a little colour obsessed this week and decided to finish it off by making a rainbow, cue lots of felt and cutting up!

rainbow of stars garland bunting

This was such a simple activity for the boys and I to do, so long as you have either rainbow coloured fabric {we used felt} or even cardstock you are good to go.

rainbow coloured sheets of felt

We decided to go with stars for our rainbow, I used a hanging decoration and simply drew around it on to the felt, 2 stars in each colour.

draw around shapes on to felt

I then cut each one out, love Ahrens proud face in this photo, I didn’t realise his hair was so long!

smiles and stars

Once we had all the felt stars cut out, I used some embroidery tread to string them together.

rainbow of stars

After much intense debate, we decided to hang the garland on the radiator cover in the boys bedroom.

trains and stars

Looks pretty nifty there with all the trains perched on top of the radiator cover!

We’re all pretty darn pleased with our efforts, not bad for a sick mummy and 2 kids who spent more time jumping from the coffee table to the sofa!




  1. Your little boy looks so cute!!

    Natasha @ www.serenityyou.com

  2. Oh Amanda, sorry you're feeling so rubbish. But what a brave and crafty little soldier you are. The felt bunting is gorgeous and so easy to do. That's why I like paper bunting so much - something that even I can do - in minutes. I like Ahren's long hair btw. Hope you feel better soon. xx

  3. Too cute! Love that much needed pop of color this time of the year! I do that too with the kids, don't realize something until I see a picture of them... must be a mom thing ;)

  4. I love this! So effective and looks fantastic x


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