Sleeping Like A…..

I have no idea, but I’m jealous!

The crazy little moon beams can sleep in any wackadoodle position.

The other night I went to check on the boys and found Ethan like this, it’s not actually all that rare to find one of the boys sleeping in some daft position.

hard core sleepin

These are a few of my favourites, here Ahren made a ‘nest’ on the floor and still managed not to sleep in it!

Ahrens little nest

Ethan went through a wellie boot phase!

ethan and his boot

Ahren rockin the half on half off slumber.

half on half off

Ethan crashing after partying hard at Christmas!

rocki the Christmas head band

Ethan or Ahren {eekkk I can’t tell} snuggling up with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

snuggles with mickey

Ahren holding tight, even in sleep, to a cupcake recipe!

ahren dreaming of cupcakes

Ahren is only pretending to sleep, but doesn’t he look scrummy?


Ahren, fell asleep sat up whilst holding his carrot, as one does!

Ahren napping

This time he conked out whilst holding on to his ice cream cone!

propped up feet

Passed out on the sofa, all snug and warm.

afternoon snooze

He destroys the bed sheet with a marker pen, then falls out on to the floor, serves him right!

fell out the bed

Here Ethan makes excellent use of his pa!

napping on da

Looks like raiding the chocolate cupboard tuckered him out, poor baby!

choc smudge

Ethan, sleeping and content.

snug as a bug

I don’t know where they get their funky sleep positions from, I only fall out the bed once or twice a week now!









  1. What adorable photos, I can't believe they can sleep like that!


  2. Bless them! I am so envious of their sleeping talent... Currently trying to master "sleeping standing with baby". It's not going well...
    Hannah xx

  3. Ha ha, they are soo silly. My little guy was soo sleepy one night that he got up and tried to walk down stairs to get us and fell asleep on the stairs. Luckily his Mommy is a light sleeper, found him quick, snapped a pic and tucked him back in bed all safe and sound!

  4. This is hysterical, I love it! The one with the carrot and the wellie boot are my faves ;)

  5. What a gorgeous post! Such cute little sleepers x

  6. Fab. I've got a post half written about middleman in bed - he has shape sorters in there too!

  7. Fantastic! These made me really laugh.


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