Sweet Little Pouch Swap ~ My Contribution

A little while ago I stumbled upon the Sweet Little Pouch Swap hosted by the lovey Roslyn who blogs over at Sew Delicious.

Once I signed up and was allocated a buddy to sew a pouch for, I had the arduous task of deciding which fabric to use and which pouch pattern to go with!

Oh, and which sweeties to fill the pouch with, gah!

Decisions decisions!

Eventually I settled on all 3 and came up with this.

sweet little pouch 

I love the fabric, a fun print for anyone who likes sewing.

I made a key fob which you can just see poking out the top.

Added a little card to say hello.

a little card

I then decided to wrap everything in a fat quarterish size of fabric, tied it with some ribbon and popped the whole lot (including some sweeties) in the post. It’s now on its way to sunny Australia.

Fingers crossed its well received, kinda nervous my sewing skills wont be acceptable!

wrapped and ready to go


  1. OOooo, it's very cute! Love that fabric! I'm sure anyone would want such cuteness :-) and if she doesn't for some insane reason, then I'm sure there are plenty of us Commenters who would :-)

  2. It really looks so cute! I love the fabric! You have made a good decisions! :)


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