A Little Cupboard ~ Toy Storage & Odds and Sods

I love a good rummage in the junk shops here in Ebo, and am constantly on the look out for furniture which is screaming out for a little love and care.

Some time last year I got a little cupboardy sideboard thing, not knowing what I wanted to do with it, I gave it a clean then stashed it away for a rainy day.

That rainy day turned up this week and after sanding {it was a very dark brown}, removing the doors {my kids and doors don’t mix well} and some painting we ended up with this.

little cupboard

I’m using to stash the kids toys in at the end of the day, the boys use it to hide in during the day, win win!

I used some pretty flowery tea towels {way to nice to actually use in the kitchen} to keep the toys hidden and avoid any more fingers being trapped in unnecessary doors.

I’m not sure if I’m being optimistic or just plain stupid but I’ve started to put little odds and sods back around the house, I’m hoping they will leave things alone, nothing really breakable so far, I don’t trust them that much!

Every time I go for a walk along the beach I pick up bits of drift wood, shells and fossils, these are a few of the things I’ve picked up on my walks.

beach walk memories

Lanterns. I love lanterns and candle light, so naturally I have a bunch of lanterns. The frame at the back is something I picked up from the local Sally Army.

lanterns and frames 

Hopefully this wont end up covered in stickers and crayon scribbles, these two are little tinkers at the moment adding scribbles to anything that doesn’t move out their way.

my boys and their toy cupboard






  1. Oh that cupboard is soooo pretty. Excellent use of teatowels. I love your collection of beach stuff. The dish that your collection is in looks like a massive shell. Is it? Your tinkers are looking adorable. xx

  2. Fab cupboard re-do, the tea towels are gorgeous, who would use things that nice in the kitchen anyway!!

    I don't believe those two gorgeous boys would ever do anything naughty... :)


  3. Your house looks lovely, full of pretty nick nacks, wish I was talented in that way! Your boys look rather gorgeous too ;)

  4. what a lovely little cupboard. It looks lovely. As for your love of lanterns, I work at wilkos, and we have been putting out all the ew stock the past few days, there are some GORgeous lanterns in the new homeware range. Id check them out if you can x


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