All about the weather ~ Kids Craft

Is there anything more British to talk about than the weather?

Nope, more interesting yes, but today, it’s all about the weather, and how I’m teaching weathery type stuff to my kiddos.

To keep it fun for the boys, I decided to make some felt stuffies of the types of weather we most often get down here in our little corner of the world.

weather stuffies

The stuffies were easy make with just a few supplies

what you need

I decided to make stuffies of the following types of weather

sunshine / day time


cloudy with sunshine





and night time for the contrast between day and night

I drew relevant shapes on to the sheets of felt, a back and front piece for each stuffy, and cut those out.

felt shapes

I then used my alphabet stamps and ribbon to make a label for each stuffy.

stamps and ink

stamped tags

Starting with the snow flake,

felt snow flake

I used embroidery thread to sew the front and back pieces together {smiley face optional}

pin and sew

After inserting one end of the label between the two pieces of felt , I continued sewing the pieces together using a back stitch.

When there was only an inch or so left open, I stuffed in the toy stuffing, using a chop stick to get it in all the little nooks.

add stuffing

Once stuffed I continued sewing until it was all sewn up.

I repeated the process for each stuffy until they were all made up.


felt weather stuffies

Using these combined with some flashcard pintable's from Mr Pintable's {an amazing site full of excellent ideas for your little ones} we’ve come up with a few ways to learn about the different types of weather and their impact on us.

flash cards.jpg 001

Play & learn ideas

1. Matching up stuffies with the flash cards

2. Discussing the impact of each type of weather on people and the environment around us

3. Painting or drawing different scenes with weather as its main theme

4. Dress up, what clothes are suitable for different types of weather

5. Activities you can do in the different weather types, jumping in puddles, make mud pies, grow sunflowers, make a snowman  to name a few!


playing in the rain

sun shine

snow play


  1. Love these, your very clever Amanda

  2. These are so cute! BTW...I am your newest follower, Ida from Second Chances Girl

  3. Those are incredibly smart and adorable!


  4. nice blog dear!want to follow each other ? :))

  5. These are so lovely, and relatively simple to make, there really is no excuse to give things like this ago, and they could be fab learing tools for the kids. really must do more like this, thank you for the inspiration xx

  6. Thank you for such a great idea. I am going to make them today! We are having a snow day at our house, so its a perfect activity. I am thinking I might glue magnets on the back so we can stick them to the fridge.

  7. I love youre stuffies. They are super cute!

  8. Love this . I am putting these on my to do list . Thank your!


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