Blogger Comments ~ Receiving & Replying To Comments

After this post I received a few comments on the topic of comments and how to have them go to to your email inbox, so I figured I’d show you how I did this using Blogger and Gmail, although any email system would work.

First up, I’d suggest having an email account just for blogging, but its not entirely necessary, mine is with Gmail and works okay.

Linking email to Blogger

This allows other bloggers to reply to your comments, without this, you appear as a no-reply commenter.

From your Dashboard go to your Blogger profile by clicking on your name in the top right corner, click on the Blogger profile link

profile tab

blogger profile

Go to the Edit Profile tab in the top right corner

edit profile tab

In the Privacy section add a tick to the ‘Show my email address’ option, and enter email address.

add email address

Save your changes.


How to get comments sent to your inbox

Having comments sent to your inbox allows you to respond directly to the person who has left the comment, PROVIDING they have linked their email address to their blog {see above}

From your Dashboard use the drop down menu to access the Settings

drop down menu

Click on the {Posts and Comments} tab, either choose the Always or Sometimes options, if Sometimes you also need to add a number of days.

Add your email address, all comments will go to this email account regardless of how old the post this, from these emails you will be able to reply directly to the commenters email box, PROVIDING they have added an email address to their profile or used another method to link their commenting their email.

comments and moderation

Whilst in this section of Blogger, you might as well leave a nice message to your readers and commenters

Mosey down the page to Comment Form Message

comment Form Message

If you’re going to reply only in the comment section something like

“Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate each one. All replies will be in the comment section, please check back to read them!”


“I love hearing from you, I shall respond to all comments soon as possible

Or whatever takes your fancy!

All comments will then be pinged straight to your email inbox either as soon as the comment is made or once you have okayed it for publishing.


This is how I manage my comments, it is by no means the only way, but for the volume I have, I don’t feel I need any fancy gadgets or widgets, you might prefer something else or perhaps even turn comments off!


  1. Very useful indeed - thank you! No all I need is to work out how to add those share buttons you have - tried to do it for the last hour via Share This and it isn't working - I could cry!

  2. Great tutorial! I so wish bloggers would "undo" that no reply on their profile -- so annoying!

  3. Hey Amanda!

    Is it true that if you as the blog owner, want to reply to a comment on your blog somewhere, that you have to do so in your email/inbox. I read today that if you reply on your actual blog by hitting the "reply" button, that your readers won't see it and think you are ignoring their comments. I didn't know this and I am asking you to get a second opinion.

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Ginny,

      I've never heard that readers wont see any replies, can't imagine why they wouldn't!

      I have my comments set to "threaded comments" meaning either myself or anyone else can reply to an existing comment by hitting the reply button.

      If you have email notification set up, so the comments left on a blog post are also sent to your inbox, you can reply from there, providing the commenter isn't a no reply blogger.

  4. This is great stuff! I've been blogging for a month now but a few days ago someone brought up that I was a no reply blogger. I changed that setting then started looking into this. I have one question though, when you reply by email does it also show up on your comments section or is it more of a private message? Thanks!


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