Cotton Wool Snowmen ~ Crafting With Kids

Is there anything worse for a kid than waking up to find all the snow has melted?

The poor tinkers woke up yesterday to find the snow had melted, not very helpful when you MUST make a snow man and snow angles.

Being the stupid resourceful mama that I am I thought they could make some snowmen indoors using a few bits and bobs, not as good as the real thing but they got covered in glue which seemed to make them laugh, so it’s all good.

Want to make some of your own, snowmen not twins?

cotton wool ball snowmen what you need

I cut noses and scarves out of felt.

felt pieces

On each piece of paper we drew the outline of a snowman.

The boys then used the glue to stick cotton wool balls inside the snowman outline.

The used the cotton buds to apply glue to the felt nose and scarf, then stuck them in place.

cotton wool ball snowmen

The boys then chose some buttons for eyes and stuck those to the snowmen.


I must admit, the snowmen look a little freakoid scary to me, but the boys are very impressed with their efforts!

cotton wool snowmen

my boys and their snowmen

Fingers crossed Spring makes a return soon, because as much as I love the snow, I’m pretty pissed off that the flowers which had just bloomed have wilted!


  1. Awwww I wish I was as resourceful as you! I need to get my act together *scrabbles around for stuff to glue* xx


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