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Your baby had just spent months in hospital, far away from home.

They cheated death.

You were only just today allowed to take them home.

You have a bag full of life saving medicines, all needing to be administered by you, to keep your baby alive.

You’re scared it’s too soon for your baby to go home.

But relieved as it’s also long over due.

You’re still confused as to how something so simple could almost end their life.

And worry that it still could.

But you let out a sigh of relief, you’re on your way home, life is looking good.

Then the pointing starts.

People snicker and laugh.

Comments are made, rude hurtful comments.

They lean over to get a better look.

Some look confused, disgusted or unimpressed.

All this directed at your baby.

And you sit there, holding your baby, crying, because some people are unable to look beyond the marks on their beautiful perfect face.

my baby

Your comments, opinions and judgements aren’t needed.

He is perfect.




  1. I detest small minded people, the kind that openly stare at my child when he 'stims' because he is excited. Also the type of people that comment on your child, he's a baby, a perfect baby..that is that.
    Is he ok now? Is his life still in danger? I do hope not xx

  2. Oh goodness me, for all the hurtfull people out there, please remember that there are so many good, your baby is beautiful, always has been and always will be,I do hope all is well now?. xxx

  3. I can see such beauty in him, and such strength in his spirit. He is adorable and you must feel so so proud of him.

    How is he now?

    A beautiful post for a beautiful baby xx

  4. Your baby is precious! Prayers for continued recovery. And for those you speak of to get a clue.

  5. You're boy is a handsome little man, don't let anyone tell you different. Leave the small minded people with their small opinions to themselves. They're not worth yours or your boys time! xx

  6. You have a beautiful baby boy. I am sorry people can be so hurtful. My daughter was born with a Hemangioma I think that is what it was called, on her arm. We had to be so very careful because she could have bled to death if something had hit it or cut it. It was not pretty but we did not see it as others evidently did. I chose to ignore them and smile and know that my little girl was a gift from God and she is beautiful. Your baby is beautiful. God bless you.

  7. My daughter had a small strawberry on her forehead. People, as in complete strangers, would quite frequently ask me what had happened to her, assuming that she must have had an accident. I didn't take offence at the time, but probably should have told them to mind their own business. While it is true that rude, small-minded people are probably not worth worrying about, it is only natural to feel hurt and upset by their actions and words. I am sorry you had to go through that kind of trauma on top of everything else. He is a miracle baby...I hope everything continues to go well for him and you.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  8. As a sister of a beautiful brother with Downs Syndrome, I spent all of my childhood being stared at or ignored because of my brothers disability. I barely had a friend and I spent much time alone. I think back to those days now and kind of realize that even though people were so judgmental and nasty they did it out of being uneducated on my brothers disability. I found that if I explained the disability that people slowly came around and understood. Your baby is adorable and those worthy of his smiles will be the people who see beauty within and his little personality. Enjoy your little bundle of joy and try hard not to take all of those stares to heart. I know how hard it is because I have been there, just smile back and move on with love in your heart. I wrote a story on my brother on my blog last week, it will definately make you smile if you feel like popping over. Blessings xo

  9. It breaks my heart that there are such insensitive people in the world. He is absolutely adorable and beautiful and a miracle; I hope all is well and he's a happy and healthy little boy!

  10. Looks cheeky and like trouble to me, just like any other boy and I have three if the beggars. If you fancy it I'll travel everywhere with you I give a great dirty look!

  11. Looks cheeky and like trouble to me, just like any other boy and I have three if the beggars. If you fancy it I'll travel everywhere with you I give a great dirty look!

  12. To me he looks like a proper BEAUITFUL cheeky little chap!

  13. This is a horrible thing to happen to an innocent, and to have no answers at the beginning . . . no wonder you nearly lost your mind. I wish this darling the very best.

  14. What a horrible thing to happen to an innocent child. Then to have everyone tell you it was fine, just a birthmark--no wonder you nearly lost your mind with worry! I wish this little darling the very best, and what a beautiful little boy he is.

  15. This brought a tear to my ear - listening to your fierce, mother's instinct of protection coming out in your words. People can be cruel. As you say, he was and is beautiful :) Thanks for linking to #oldiesbutgoodies

  16. He is a beautiful baby, I hope he's ok now. People can be so cruel but it's all down to ignorance. When my little girl was smaller people would often mention the 'juice' on her chin. She's five now and it's faded loads so it's barely noticeable, but she's always been my beautiful little little girl.

  17. this post is beautifully written and your little boy is beautiful. Have just read 'evolution of a birthmark' and seen the photos of how he's grown. amazing lad and amazing family xxx

  18. The people that pas judgement obviously have rotten cores and are not worth your time! he is beautiful and is far more beautiful than those small minded ignorant people will ever be! popped over from #oldiesbutgoodies x


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