Parenting Books ~ Important Omissions, nakedness, willies & poo

I have many grievances with those so called “Parenting Books”, in my naivety of first time parenthood I purchased many, read even more and had the misguided notion that I had this parenting malarkey down to a T!

I’m still laughing at my own stupidity.

Despite the books being written by different authors and published by different companies they all seem to lacking the same information on a bunch of topics, some are serious omissions, which I’ll bitch about another time.

But today, today my issue is with nakedness, willies and poo.

I don’t know why I even bother to buy my kids clothes, they don’t like them, at all. They now insist their clothes are actually invisible, which is just great when your trying to get out the house and your kids scream blue murder at the sight of clothes, let alone the hysteria of having any item of clothing put on their body.

Not one book, friend or so called “parenting expert” mentioned the whole nakedness thing. Maybe if someone had thought to mention it, I could have saved a few quid and come up with a plan as to how to get clothes on the pesky kids before they developed techniques which rival ninjas and their avoidance skills.

The boys start school in September, I’m taking bets as to how long it will be before I get a phone call asking me to attend a meeting to “discuss the nakedness issues”, got a feeling that “But they are SO CUTE, don’t you want to just bite their little butt cheeks?” and “Naked? Really? Well that’s never happened before!” won’t do me any favours.

Nakedness leads to willies, and on my gosh am I fed up of seeing willies.

My days seem to consist of the following conversations

“Mummy where are you hiding your willy?”

“I don’t have a willy, only boys have willies”

“I like my willy (pulls down pants) it’s bent, see (points to willy). I like bent willies”

“Yes dear, now pull your pants back up please”

“BUT I WANT TO BE NAKED!” He then does some weird willy walk where it slaps each thigh.


I entered the living room to find my child sat on the sofa, willy in hand.

“Leave your willy alone and put your pants on please”

“But I like holding my willy, I can make it go bigger (yanks on willy hard enough my eyes water) SEE, BIG WILLY”

“Yes dear, big willy, but I’m not sure it should look that red”

“I like it” (holds willy in death grip)

I sigh and walk away to bang my head against a wall.


But my “favourite”

“Mummy my willy has a booboo, kiss it”

“No! I’m not kissing your booboo, it’s fine, put it away”

“But my booboo needs a kiss, SEE” Shoves willy towards me


“No, put your pants back on please”





At which point I realised the French doors are open and the neighbours have heard every single word, just as well I have no shame left!

I never knew how obsessed boys are with their own willies!

God help us all when they are teenagers!

And lastly, but by no means least in my grumble with parenting books is the lack of information on just how much their poo will become a normal part of your everyday.

I expected poo to be an issue when the boys were babies, babies poo a lot and as parents you get the “awesome” pleasure of cleaning up that poo.

But I had hoped, prayed thought by the time the boys are able to go to the loo by themselves poo wouldn’t be such an issue.

But no.

Despite knowing when, where and how to go to the loo I still seem to be the resident arse wiper.

The other day one of my darlings came to me asking for his bum to be wiped, fine, except his bum was clean, he had SLID down the stairs on his bum!

My stairs had poo streaks! Who does that?

Then the whole “Ohhh mummy is in the bath, lets go do a poo” and lucky me, they talk me through the entire thing.

“Mummy I need to do a poo” Jumps on to loo seat with a gleam in his eye.

“That’s nice dear”

“But it’s not coming out!” Makes some weird face

“Sweetie, if it’s not coming out, stop trying to force it”

“Ohhh it’s coming, oh oh oh ohhhhhhh, SEE I DID IT”

He runs out of the bathroom with me yelling “Wipe your bum, wash your hands and PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON!”

“But I need to slide down the stairs, weeeeeeeeee”

And I climb out the bath to chase down my naked child, get him cleaned up and dressed and clean yet more poo streaks off the stairs, wondering if after 4 years I can get a refund on those damn parenting books!


  1. I'd like to say that they'll grow out of it soon... but they probably won't! Mine are 11 and 7 and still poo is funny.

  2. My 2 year old is going through a 'phase' (i'm hoping!) of smearing poo all over her cot/walls/anything she can reach, according to my google searches this is quite common and yet no one warned me! Jenna

  3. Yes I will admit that there is nothing about nakedness in my parenting book. Must add that in for the second edition! There is quite a lot about poo though.

  4. My daughter is obsessed with her fanny, bottom and where wee or poo comes from.
    She will lie on the floor between Daddy's legs and look up to watch him pee!

  5. Laughing so hard right now. I hope this is just a boy thing.

    *giggles at poo stains on the stairs*

    Don't hate me...

  6. This post had me laughing my ass off. I'm secretly glad I have a girl!

  7. Brilliant! But you do realise he's just practising for being an actual man, don't you? He seems to have it all sorted - roll on the day when another woman can deal with the willy issue! ;)

  8. When my little man discovered a word "penis", he liked to bring it up at any occasion, saying Papa has a penis, brother has a penis, mama has a penis. Erm, No, thanks, I don't, and never wanted one, darling

  9. many moons ago, before children came into the mix, my rather drunk hubby managed to fart on the stairs. When he woke up the next morning he discovered that he had followed through!
    So no, they never grow out of it x

  10. Reading your blog is a real education! Have twin daughters here and am secretly quite relieved.

  11. Do not get me started on willys and boys! Ozzy pulled his over to one side last night and announced that he 'has girls bits like Kitty' either side of his. I am TRAUMATISED! This post made me chuckle!

  12. This was written in the most hilarious way =)
    Hubby and I were in tears as we read this - I challenged him to read it and not laugh - he lost!

  13. This post had me laughing out loud (and apologies for laughing at the stains on the stairs, I'm sure you weren't laughing then!).

    Linking up from Oldies but Goodies.

  14. *snort* sorry this made me laugh so much...I have all this to look forward to though so I should probably be a bit less amused and more concerned!!

  15. As a mum of two boys this really resonated with me - in fact, bought tears to my eyes I was laughing so much. Your boys sound fab! #oldiesbutgoodies.

  16. Well I think these will all be incredibly useful anecdotes when your boys are teenagers, especially the kissing willy bit....great for embarrassing them in front of potential girlfriends! Thanks for linking with #oldiesbutgoodies this month :)

  17. Nice blog! Thank to author for giving such information. Really parenting books help the new parent in taking care of child.


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