The Budget ~ It’s Not For Everyone

Some paper pusher at the UN  had the  hilarious idea to announce that yesterday would be International Happiness Day,  I say hilarious as it was also the day ol’ Georgie boy Osborne announced the new budget.

I know, budgets and happiness go together so well!

I ignored the news regarding the budget, as much as I could, but with Twitter being Twitter I couldn’t completely avoid it. Most people were telling George what to do with his little red briefcase, a rather imaginative bunch out there, some justifiably upset as to the negative impact it would have on their lives and a few were indignant that anyone impacted by the budget would have the audacity to complain about their lot in life.

Perspective is a funny thing, and a personal matter to each individual.

For someone negatively impacted by the changes announced yesterday, they are entitled to feel upset, angry, hard done by and let down, it is their right.

It is not for us to judge, or to compare their situation with those in other countries.

Yes, some people will be better off with the new budget, but not everybody.

Without knowing their exact circumstances; we neither know nor can we understand how their lives are impacted, our uninformed opinions simply do not matter.

To fling around comparisons and demand people gain perspective is to belittle the suffering already faced by many people across the UK today, and yes there is suffering. Just because it doesn’t get splashed across the news does not make it any less important nor does it give anyone the right to demand that those people suffering “shut up, stop crying and get perspective”.

If you are fortunate to be positively impacted by the budget; count your blessings, pray they don’t get taken away and think of those less fortunate than you both here and abroad.


  1. THANK YOU for this post. It really needed to be said!

  2. Very well said - I'm pretty sure no-one actually knows what they're doing within that team!

  3. very well said. huzzah. i agree :)

  4. well said, thanks for writing what many were thinking :)


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