BiBs ~ I’m On The List!

Oh you guys!

I’m blushing, honest to goodness blushing!

Some of you gorgeously wonderful people have nominated me in the BiB’s Craft category!

I’m amongst some truly amazingly talented bloggers.

I guess this is my “vote for me plea” to get me through to the next round, so no pressure or anything!

Hmmm, so why vote for me, I’m not the most original, I don’t take the best photos, I’m not the most consistent crafter, all I am is a regular girl who started crafting as a way to stay sane. That doesn’t sound good, but stay with me….

I was never a crafty person, it wasn't until I was in the middle of a really dark phase of my depression and PTSD when I realised I needed an “outlet”, a way for me to channel all the confusion, anger, despair and random mind wonderings that are part and parcel of my depression into something productive and useful.

Before I knew it I had immersed myself in what seemed like every kind of craft out there, except crochet, I love it, but it scares the bejezus out of me.

I have super glued my fingers together, sewn through my hand, accidentally turned into a Smurf using spray paint, mistakenly cut holes in my pjs, burnt myself with my glue gun more times than I can count and experienced more glitter bomb explosions than is probably healthy.

craft ideas

Today, my crafting has become more personal, it represents me and what I want to do with my children, I still share what I do cause maybe it might help someone else in the same position as I am to find an outlet for the feelings they can’t keep inside.

If you enjoy my blog and feel inclined to do so, I would really appreciate it if you could vote for little ol’ me in the craft category, I would be ridiculously happily excited, and most likely act like a total loon at Britmums!

You can vote here


  1. Hi Amanda, well done on the nomination - so well deserved. I'm off to vote for you. Heck, how did I miss your lovely little cubby hole house thingamy (in the pic above). I've got one to pimp up which I must get round to. One day... xx

  2. I am thrilled that you made it through to the next round. Now promise me that you're going to be at that Britmums party or I ain't going! You got my vote ;) x x

  3. Congratulations so far - really love all those pretty crafts in the pictures above, and so glad you discovered your outlet. Looking forward to further admiration, Bee x

  4. I have already voted for you darling. Your crafts are awesome and your pictures always do them justice! xx

  5. Done dude, without a second thought :) your blog is one of the first I ever read - you even MADE me make that light shade covered in tiny bunting - remember that?! It's still hanging in Bean's room!

    Love your work ;)


  6. I've just voted for you because you are fabulous! :) xx


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