Recycling Coffee Jars ~ Getting My Crafting Mojo Back

I’m starting to get my crafting mojo back, nothing major, just a little tinkering of jars which would have ended up in the recycling bin, but instead are now a tea light holder and vase.

Whilst the kids were busy creating new pieces for the Tate Gallery I came up with these.


Both started out as coffee jars, once emptied of their caffeine goodness, I soaked the labels off and dried them.

With the largest jar I was trying to emulate a tea light holder I had seen on someone’s Instagram feed, after a looky loo online I gave up on buying one and decided to try my own.

Using some letter stickers I added a few words.

letter stickers on jar

Some lacy ribbon glued around the top and bottom of the jar add a nice little “something”.

live laugh love jar

I wanted to use the smaller jar for a tea light, and being a lover of all things spotty and dotty I randomly added a bunch of dot stickers to the jar.

spotty jar

Before popping in the tea light, I sprinkled some coffee beans in the bottom of the jar,

coffee beans in a cup

the heat from the candle should warm the beans, letting out of of their coffee smelling goodness.

jars to vase and tea light holder

Look rather nice don’t ya think?!

This was a super simple and easy craft, now I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas to work on, I just need to find the time to actually do them!

coffee jars recycle


  1. Very cute! I love repurposing empty jars around the house.

  2. Ooh they're very pretty. I have lots of jars but even with 'sticky stuff remover' and a dishwasher I still struggle to get all labels off.

  3. They are lovely!! The idea of putting the coffee beans in the base is a fab idea.
    Funnily enough I got a book from a charity shop the other week on decorating glass. Bought it because I thought the old depression wouldn't hassle me as much when I was doing something creative.
    I've got ideas of living on the pages of Country Homes and Interiors! :)

  4. i love these, they are really beautiful! i started doing this before christmas but with all my baby food jars, but i made them into candle holders, using larger jars as vases is a lovely idea!! here's a pic of mine:
    i'm a bit addicted to country living etc magazines too, although just ends up making me depressed, i think i need a new york penthouse to put all my crafty bits and bobs in!

  5. Lovely idea, I have the same kind of thing in my bedroom. Have put make up brushes in one and cotton wool pads in the other. Look very pretty. xx


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