An Inexpensive Day Out At Ashdown Forest With Winnie the Pooh & Friends

We’ve been wanting to take the boys out for a while, but thing or another has got in the way and it wasn’t until last weekend that things came together and we managed a day out.

I’d been looking at various attractions, and wowzer was I in for a surprise, between tickets, travel, food and the odd treat we were looking at way over £200 for a day out.

A day!

Maybe I’m being cheap, but man alive that seems like a lot for dragging kids around somewhere they may or may not like,

where the kids will no doubt be too short for the rides they really want to go on,

to wait in line for over an hour only to have a kid decide they don’t actually want to go on / see it anymore!

I can think of better ways to spend my money.

But we wanted / needed a day out.

So, the in laws came for a visit and we bundled in the car and headed to Ashdown Forest, the home of Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh and friends.

There was no need to book tickets, no worries about wait times or height / age restrictions, just parked up the car and we were there.

Straight away the boys were off and just wondering around the woods.

setting off

We literately just followed the kids, and let them decide where we would go. They are ridiculously friendly and tried to wander off with some ladies and their dog!

following strangers

There was lots of running, I was never sure if they were running to or from something, not sure they know either!

running to or from

Being coastal kids, they were pretty amazed at just how….green the woods were!

i spy

We soon found Pooh Bridge, amongst some rather beautiful scenery, so many blue bells it was amazing.

view from pooh bridge

It wasn’t long before a few friends came to say hello to the boys!

pooh and friends say hello

There were cuddles all round!

cuddles with new friends

Obviously as we were at Pooh Bridge, they had to play Pooh Sticks, a surprising lack of sticks anywhere close to Pooh Bridge!

pooh sticks

Both Ahren and Ethan fell over multiple times, neither got hurt, but it was rather comical!

oh no

They found this awesome looking camp, which now belongs to them apparently!

our new home

They got up close to few horses for the first time.

hello mr horsey

And got to appreciate a bit of nature, with wild flowers, stick swords and crazy large bumble bees.

a bit of nature

All in all, we had an awesome day out.

an awesome day

The boys had so much fun just being typical boys, running like loons, play fighting with twig swords, chasing bees, playing Pooh sticks, finding forts, climbing logs and splashing in mud puddles and enjoying a picnic.

It was nice to have a day out, knowing it didn’t break the bank, the boys had an amazing time and for us grown ups, it was just nice to spend a day away from busy crowds and the usual pressures of everyday.

Have you got any tips / ideas for other inexpensive days out with the kids, please share!?


  1. Looks like a fun day out! Seems your boys enjoyed it too. I've grown up with nature on my doorstep so got to go on lots of walks amongst trees--it's great to see that parents are still doing that with their kids!
    I think you must be in a part of the country near where I am, so have you considered a trip to Raystede? It's actually an animal shelter but they have family-oriented stuff on occasionally: Also it's free!
    Stoneywish is also cool, but not free entry.
    Or what about a scavenger hunt, somewhere in the local area? Get them to collect things like a leaf/feather/stone with a hole in it/etc (this could then be turned into some kind of craft to occupy them when you get home!)

  2. Winnie the Pooh was my favourite book when I was a little girl. I read it so many times. I loved the illustrations, the humour, and all the characters. I still love it, and would love to visit the real Hundred Acre Wood. That 'camp' looks suspiciously like Eeyore's house to me!
    It looks like your boys had lots of fun. Sometimes the cheapest outings are the best ones!


  3. OMGGG I didn't know this WAS A REAL PLACE!! AMAZING!!


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