Bedtime Story ~ National Share a Story Month

The lovely Misty offered me the opportunity to take part in National Share a Story Month (May), as my kids are crazy about bedtime stories I knew they would be excited to take part.

Warren Evans have been running a campaign to encourage children to get excited about storytelling. As part of the campaign we had to contribute an original bedtime story along with a drawing of the story from my children.

Here’s our bedtime story!

Best Friends

Ahren and Ethan were best friends, they were such good friends they spent every playing.

When it was sunny, they spent days at the beach splashing in the sea, catching fish and building sandcastles.


If it was raining out, they would race cars through the house, roll marbles along the floor and jump in puddles in the garden.

One hot sunny day, they decided to play in the forest.

Soon they were having sword fights using sticks and climbing trees, before long they were puffed out from all the running around.


Slumping down on to the forest floor of fallen leaves, they decided to make a Club.

“All boys need to have a club!” Ahren declared.

“But there are only 2 of us; don’t we need more than 2 to have a Club?”

“Okay, let’s go find some more friends for our Club” replied Ahren, with that, both boys got up and walked through the forest, trying to find some new friends.

After a while they stumbled across a little bridge. Ethan was scared there would be a goblin underneath waiting to jump out and scare them by shouting “Boo”.


Lucky for them, the goblin wasn’t there, but in his place were 4 strangers, Floopy the Long Eared Rabbit, Blue the Blue Bear, Max the Puppy Dog and Guin the Penguin.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” demanded Ahren.

“We’re playing in the stream, we wanted to join a Club” said Guin

At that, both Ahren and Ethan beamed, “Join our Club, we’re going to build a fort!”

They all cheered, “Hurrah” “yippy” “whoop hoo”

After the cheers had quietened down, the new friends began looking for twigs and sticks to build a fort for their new Club.

Every sunny day after that, the 6 new friends met at the fort to spend another day playing in the forest.



The boys had a lot of fun drawing pictures to go along with the story, don’t think bedtimes will be able to go without doing some doodles!


This post has been written in conjunction with wooden bed makers Warren Evans for National Share a Story Month