Hanging Flower Jars

We always seem to have a bunch of empty jars hanging around the house, whilst they could be chucked in the recycle tubs, I like to keep a few on hand for little projects.

Yesterday the boys and I decided to use a few of those jars for hanging flowers around the garden and house.

pink blooms

You could of course just clean up any old jar, plonk some flowers in and it’s all good.

empty jars

But I wanted a little something extra, so I grabbed a few bits and pieces from my craft stash; lace ribbons, vellum papers and fabric hearts.

decorative bits and bobs

Using a few dabs of glue here and there I soon had all 3 jars decorated in one way or another.

decorated jars with wire hangers

I used some old wire and pliers to make a handle on each jar (be careful when using wire, the ends are bloody sharp).

flowers from my boys 

My little darlings had already “liberated” some flowers from the garden, we plonked those in the smaller jars.

They all look rather pretty!

pretty flowers

I let the boys decide where to hang them, they finally decided the gate post needed some extra blooms.

jar on gate post

jar on gate post2

As well as being perfect for adding extra decoration to the garden, these make perfect decorations for indoors too.

Here’s on flower jar hanging from the bathroom window!

jar of flowers on bathroom window

This simple method of decorating jars also makes quick and easy tea light holders.

little table

I’m off to convince the boys they really don’t need to rip the flowers off every single plant in the garden!


  1. Lovely pictures, makes me feel very summery!

  2. I bloody love this idea. Thank you for giving me something to make with my spare jam jars!

  3. So neat! I need to save some jars! :)


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