Invisible Willies ~ One of “those” Conversations

Today the kids and I had another one of those conversations, the kind that leave you thinking

“Huh…. well that was…..weird”

life with twins

It all started because I had to pee, and when you have young kids peeing is not a solo sport, nope, it’s a team effort.

Having made my announcement that I was indeed going to leave the excitement that is “naked dance” and head to the bathroom for a pee, I was shoved to the side as “The Race” commenced.

In this house, everything is a race, with clearly defined roles as to who will win and who will not, apparently Ahren NEEDS to win every race to the loo, regardless if he actually needs to pee or not, anyhoo…..

After strolling in to the bathroom, shoving Ahren off the loo the conversation started.

“Where’s your willy?”

“Girls don’t have a willy

“How do you wee?”


“With your bottom?”

“Nope, not with your bottom” (so, now I’m trying to think of a suitable way to explain how girls pee)

“Why don’t girls want willies? Mine is great, look!” (oh boy)

“They do, they just don’t need to pee with one”

“Is it invisible?”

“YES! Girls have invisible willies!” (no, I have no idea what I was on about either)

“Why? Does it look like this willy?” (shakes his hips side to side)

(head in hands, saying a silent apology to his soon to be teacher) “Yes dear”

So now, my kids think girls have invisible willies!

I need a child friendly encyclopaedia on EVERYTHING!


  1. This is a hard topic to discuss with little boys. I just told mine that girls don't have one and he said "that's why boys are cooler than girls" and walked away. That was more than enough for me!

  2. Ha this is brilliant! My Oldest boy when he was little asked me why I have a 'flat willy'!!!!! Just couldn't make this stuff up!!! Bless them x


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