Making Old Crayons New!

So, what do you do when you find the 326th broken crayon?

new old crayons

Seriously, what do you do?

I’m falling out of love with those waxy, funny smelling sticks of colour.

I shudder to think about the sheer number of the damn things we have purchased over the years, only to buy replacements every other week as they disappear in to the bottomless pit that is the boys bedroom.

This past weekend I finally had enough, fed up of those stupid little bits of crayons, incomplete sets and torn labels I went a little crayon crazy.

It involved a bloody sharp knife, an oven and moulds.

I ended up with some pretty nifty crayons in some rather awesome non crayon shaped shapes.


After picking up, again, all the stupid bits of crayon from around the house I sorted them out in to separate colours.

After removing all the wrappers I grabbed a sharp knife and chopped them up in to roughly the same size pieces.

Using a “double boiler” you know the method you’re supposed to use when melting chocolate, I melted down each batch of crayons.

melting crayons

When each batch was melted I poured each “colour” in to a mould, those ones from Ikea are ideal for this, flexible and cool shapes!

melted crayons in moulds

I left the melted wax overnight to set, then removed the “crayons” from the moulds.

new, old, crayons

Both myself and the boys were pretty impressed that my “moment of madness” actually produced something useable and kinda cool looking, and they totally still work as crayons!

The boys helped at every stage, snapping crayons with glee and staring mesmerised as each batch melted down, just remember not to leave your child alone at anytime!

I’ve been nominated in the craft category for the BiBs, if you’ve ever been inspired by or just really like my crafts please consider voting for me here xx





  1. Do they smell a lot when melted? I've done this putting broken crayons into a tray and letting them melt in the oven, worked well but the whole house stank despite the low temperature. I'll have to give the double boiler method a try next time.

  2. This is a bloody awesome idea. I may have to go and buy some wax crayons now just to do this..

  3. ahh my experience of this was so fact I set me kitchen on fire! haha x

  4. these look fab! what a great idea


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