My Life According To…. Metallica!

The gorgeously cute Misty tagged me in this somewhat fun, surprisingly difficult yet pretty cool meme.

Basically, you use a band / artist to fill the answers to the questions, not as easy as you think, I went with Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Nirvana before settling with Metallica!

I chucked in a few links to videos if you want to see who I’m on about.

Are you male or female...? Mama Said

Describe yourself...? Stone Cold Crazy

How do you feel...? Sad but True

Describe where you currently live...? Wherever I may Roam

If you could go anywhere...? Welcome Home

Your best friend is...? Master of Puppets

Your partner is...? Better than you

What's the weather like? Frantic

Favourite time of day...? Tuesday’s Gone

If your life was a book, what would it be called...? Remember Tomorrow

What is life to you...? The Unnamed Feeling

Your last relationship...? Wasting My Hate

Your current relationship...? Nothing Else Matters

You fear...? Creeping Death

How would you like to die...? Enter Sandman

What is the best advice you have to give...? The Memory Remains

Thought for the day...? Whisky in the Jar

Your motto...?Jump in the fire


Your favourite form of transport...? The Wait

How you feel...? The Unforgiven

Your favourite colour is...? Fade to Black

If you could change your name, what would it be...? Ain’t my Bitch

Phew! This was pretty fun to do actually, I almost cheated and used a few bands, would have been an AWESOME playlist!

Anyhoo I tag…. (only if you want to)

Cas who is lurking over at Mummy Never Sleeps

Steph hostess at I’m Counting UFOs


Jo the little ray of sunshine over at Ojo’s World


  1. Sooo gonna do this!!! brilliant x

  2. haha those answers are brilliant! It's surprising how difficult it is x


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