How To ~ Make Your Blog Button Grab Code

HTML code can be a scary thing. One little mistake and suddenly all your hard work is gone.

Which is why I love it when someone creates an app, widget or gadget which takes out the HTML work for me.

The latest bit of app wizardry I stumbled across whilst helping another blogger with her blog is the rather nifty ‘Grab My Button Code Generator’, which does exactly what it says.

grab blog button code generator dashboard

Simply pop in your details, don’t forget you need to upload the image you want to use as your blog button to something like Photobucket!

photo bucket upload

You can then customise the appearance of the colours and code box options to suit your blog blog style.

preview of blog button

Once happy with the preview, grab code and add it to a ‘HTML/JavaScript’ gadget in Blogger, or the alternative depending on you blogging platform.

adding blog utton code to blog

Now you have a nifty new blog button with grab code.

blog button as it appears on blog

If you stumble on to any problems whilst making your button there is an handy ‘Questions and Answers’ section which should fix any issues.

It really couldn’t be any easier!


  1. Ah thanks for this. I've been meaning to make a button for a while, but assumed it'd be fairly finicky.

  2. Really? You're telling me now that I've FINALLY Worked out how to do my badge and grab code, it's not going to work?!

  3. Maybe that's why my first attempt at a blog button isn't quite working...

  4. WOW ..... you're a whizz!
    thank you
    love jooles xxx

  5. You made this soooo easy! Thanks!!! I'm bookmarking this to use. Please stop by TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS, my weekly linky party. Links go live every Wednesday at 8:00 pm. Your tip would be so helpful to so many bloggers! Hope to see you there!

  6. Why doesn't blogger tell us these things?

  7. Thanks for this tutorial. It worked, but when I uploaded it, there it seemed to take the white space off my blog so you couldn't read anything because the text was on my plaid background. Any ideas why? I have been battling with this blog button for a book study I am doing for two days and am clueless. I also lost the grab code for my blog button. Someone else made it for me so I have no idea how to fix it. Any tips would be so appreciated!

  8. hey,this is great,i am so annoyed that blogger never told us they changed something!

    i just typed out the code (and of course replaced your info with my own) but it didn't work..could you just send me the code so i can just copy/paste it and see if it works that way?



  9. Thanks for the advice. I got the image, but it doesn't show the html for people to copy. Have they changed the code again. I must have tried it twenty times. I appreciate any advice! Here is my blog:

    Thanks a million, Erica


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