Appreciating The Little Things ~ Fathers Day

Fathers Day, like Mothers Day, is for many people a painful reminder that their parent, either through choice or death is no longer around.


For some, it’s a double blow with the unofficial addition of grandmothers and grandfathers being included in these days.

I consider myself lucky to still have my mum, she’s an awesome little cracker of a lady, quiet until riled and then BOOM, she’s chasing my brother with a rolling pin.

Even now, 12 years on since my dad died, I can’t comprehend not seeing or speaking to him again.

I see or hear something and think “Dad will love this”.

Sometimes I want to reach for the phone and call him, but he can’t answer, the physical and emotional pain this realisation can still bring takes my breath away.

After so long, I thought if not used to his absence, it wouldn’t hurt so much.

But if anything, it hurts more.

Because despite our many, and some times volatile differences, he was still my dad.

Who was scared of spiders and stood up to bullies.

Started the Christmas cake in October.

Introduced me to whisky and Monty Python.

Allowed us to dream.

Was an amazing story teller.

Had the entire Woodstock festival on LP.

Accepted the numerous mistakes his children made.

Made us watch politics on a Sunday.

Introduced us to The Wonder Years

Pushed us to try our best.

Accepted my purple hair, even when it dyed the tub.

Refused to allow us girls to get our ears pierced!

Doted on my niece.

He was so much more yet still a regular guy who I never imagined would one day not be around.

In his own weird and sometimes hard to understand way, he loved, appreciated and was proud of us all.

If you are fortunate enough to still have a dad or a father figure in your life, call him, give him a hug, make an effort to show him you appreciate him because one day they may no longer be there, and you’ll wish you had just one more chance to talk.


  1. What a lovely post. I lost my mum 21 years ago.... Cherish everyone you love


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