Bubble Wrap Hopscotch ~ Indoor Play

Trying to keep the kids entertained on a grey, wet and miserable afternoon can be a trying experience, especially when you  have, according to The Telegraph, a month of rain ahead.

For some reason, most likely inspired by that episode of Friends, we have a huge roll of bubble wrap, and naturally, I thought

“Hmm bubble wrap….. HOPSCOTCH”

bubble wrap

I know, the two things go together so well, and apparently it’s frowned upon to allow your kids to wrap themselves up in bubble wrap and watch them jump off the sofa, so we had to come up with another use for it!

If you are a little more normal than us and don’t have a roll of bubble wrap, you can borrow a few sheets from your local fruit and veg aisle.

roll of bubble wrap

To make our bubble wrap hopscotch I simple stuck a piece down on the floor and using some markers, a book and a plate, made a simple hopscotch design.

bubble wrap hopscotch

The boys actually had lots of fun with this, the popping of the bubbles appeals in a big way!

And then, it was kinda inevitable, I wrapped Ahren up in bubble wrap!






  1. oh how fun! i would have loved to do this as a child :)

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  2. Such a fun idea! Looks like they had a great time with it. Proves you are an awesome and inventive mum :)


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