Coffee ~ Size Matters

Someone, somewhere once said

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”

And whilst I understand the premise, part of me thinks, “Actually, I’m totally fecked off with all the big stuff, I can do rock all about them so I am going to sweat about the small stuff and see if I can’t do something about those, so ner!”

Yes, I’m taking an adult approach to this.

Many of my peeves are mentioned in this post, but unbelievably there are more, some a little weird but when you actually think about them, are totally valid grumbles, today it’s all about….

Cups & Mugs

The crisp making industry managed to get together at Potato Fest many moons ago and agree on standard sized packets of crisps; head honchos of Fizzy Drinks In A Can companies agreed on a standard sized can of bubbly drinks, they even agreed on how those can’s should be opened and last but not least those those fine folk that make Sleepy Time Mattresses were able to agree on standard sizes to accommodate even the tallest of people.

All pretty darn awesome for us consumer type folk.

But for some reason those folk who make cups, mugs and the doodads that go with them can’t sit down and agree on what is what.

These are some of the mugs to be found in my kitchen, and yes, despite what people say SIZE MATTERS.


Too small is obviously not enough and too big is a waste, where is the happy middle ground?!

It’s not enough they can’t get such a thing as standard cup / mug sizes sorted, they have to mess about with coffee makers and cafetiere’s.

coffee pots

Some joker, who obviously doesn’t appreciate the delicate relationship between a parent and a coffee maker suggests that I can get 12 cups of coffee out one pot.


Har dee har har!

What fudging cup are they thinking of and why not tell the rest of us about this damn cup!

I don’t want nor do I need much in life, but after sleepless nights and early starts a girl needs her coffee, in an appropriate sized coffee mug.

Is it really too much to ask for?!

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  1. I'm more of a tea girl than coffee but totally hear you on the mugs!
    Even though your mug selection is very random (isn't everyone's?!) they're all cute :D

  2. I totally get you! I have actually given away mugs or cups given to me, and will only buy certain brands of coffee makers, because I know they do the "right" amount of coffee!

  3. haha. I feel short changed having a cup of tea in a cup. However my 82 year old Aunt refuses to be served her cup of tea in a mug. Which is a bit of a problem as I don't own any tea cups.

  4. I don't 'do' coffee but know that my DH can only get about 3 mugs out of a '12 cup' cafetiere thing. For my tea the ideal mug is the size of a small bucket - I cannot be doing with small ones, it's a waste of a teabag!

  5. hahaha.... I never thought about this before. But you are right!

    When is a mug not a mug?

  6. hahaha!! Stuff the cups/mugs just give me a bucket of coffee...That would do
    You're so right though :)

  7. I have actually given away mugs or cups given to me, and will only buy certain brands of coffee makers, because I know they do the right taste of coffee !

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak


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