Room For Improvement ~ Decorating on a Budget with #roomforimprovement

A little while ago I was asked if I would like to participate in Room For Improvement with, a challenge to makeover a room in my home whist keeping within a budget of £50.
room for improvement
After jumping at the chance to participate I was provided with £50 and then promptly panicked!
After having a pep talk with myself, I decided the boys bedroom would be the room to experience the improvement.
Whilst £50 may not seem like much to improve a room, it’s surprising just how resourceful you can be when you don’t have a limitless budget.
To be honest I had given up on their bedroom after they attacked the walls with crayons, pencils and felt tip pen, so this was a great chance to update the room from the mess of scribbles it had become.
First thing I just had to do was paint the room, call me crazy but I went for white walls, I’m hoping this will make it easier when I need to hide the evidence of the kids drawing on the walls.
With a limited budget I knew I couldn’t go crazy and buy furniture so I concentrated on adding accessories that would make the room more functional as a place for the boys to spend time when not sleeping.
Knowing how much the boys love learning I bought some educational posters. These sit under a pin board, which was plain cork when we bought it so I covered it in fabric to add some colour, where we can display drawings, cards or whatever takes their fancy.
notice board and educational posters on wall
With the help of Ahren and Ethan we chose some posters to decorate the wall above their beds, we added bunting for that extra pop of colour and decoration.
bunting and posters on wall
To make the space more functional I switched out the old travel chest for a little cupboard / shelf thing we have.
I wanted to add some canvas prints but they cost more than my budget would allow, so I decided to have a go and make my own.
Using trusty old Ebay I bought some blank canvas’s and made these, between those is a sweet little sign we picked up in Next.
canvas on cabinet
The boys asked if they could have a blue light shade, we deliberately hadn’t gone for a particular theme as they couldn’t agree on one, luckily they both wanted a blue shade!
We picked up this globe shade in B&Q, it is awesome!
I wanted some kind of nightlight for the room, after buying a few battery operated tea lights I knocked together some simple jar tea light holders.
With one wall bare I decided to go a little crazy and paint a tree. As you do!
tree painted on wall with photo frames
Using a tester pot of paint, some craft store supplies and a random selection of picture frames purchased from eBay I soon had a family tree mural on the wall, which we can add to over time with more photos,  leaves or whatever.
With the limited budget this was pretty much all I could manage, but it has given me a great foundation to add to over the next few weeks.
The boys love their “new room” and really enjoyed being included in the process, hopefully this will encourage them to keep it tidy!
bedroom after room makeover
With a little imagination and shopping around it is possible to transform a room whilst staying within a small budget.
what it cost


  1. I love the photo tree and the tea lights! Looks fab xx

  2. Nice job with decorating on a budget! It definitely looks a lot more functional!

  3. This is such a fab makeover. I LOVE the family tree idea, it's so lovely.

    Great selection of pretty/functional/educational items. Really impressed.

  4. The tree is my absolute favourite bit - you're so creative! I can't imagine trying to decorate a room in less than £50 - I seem to spend that much on the paint alone! Well done you x

  5. I'm just trying to do my post now and I am SO jealous of what you've achieved! I bet the boys absolutely love it ;) x

  6. You're so clever dude - I love the globe light shade!


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