Baking & Burgers ~ Recipe Book Review

I have a bit of a thing for recipe books.

Especially Christmas recipe books, more about that another time, today it’s all about baking and burgers.

review recipe books

Whilst pootling around at Britmums Live last month I spotted the rep from Parragon Books, after a chat, a cupcake {which was sinfully delicious} I walked away with the above books, whoop whoop!

Having had the books for a while now, it’s time for a review.

The Ladies Book of Baking

£10.00 Love Food ~ Parragon

recipe book and tea cups

A lovely hardback book full of delicious baking recipes, there are 5 chapters;

Afternoon Tea

Family Bakes

Beautiful Biscuits

Perfect Pastries & Pies

Special Moments.

The book kicks off with an introduction celebrating the joy that is baking, with some handy notes on ingredients.

Each chapter has its own little introduction, the Afternoon Tea has a darling history of Afternoon Tea and a rather nifty equipment list to host your own Afternoon Tea. It also explains how to make a perfect cup of tea; with leaves and a pot!

Perfect Pastries & Pies starts of with an explanation of different pastries and a handy list of equipment which will make you pastries and pies amazing.

Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients, detailed instructions and at least one photo, making them easy enough to follow, some are ideal for little ones to help with.

vanilla cupcake recipe

In each chapter there are helpful snippets of information, Party planning checklist, Pies for Parties and tips for perfect biscuits every time.

The boys and I decided to tackle the Vanilla Frosted Cupcakes, and oh my yummyness, they were good!


The recipe itself was easy to follow and the results were wonderful, so much so we made two batches!

Overall this book is wonderful; the recipes are great {several on my weekend to bake list}, I love all the extra information packed into this book and the photos are gorgeous.


Glitter on a recipe book, it looked pretty, but I really don’t need glitter in my food.

The text in the actual book seemed on the small side, I can imagine it being difficult to read clearly for some readers.

There are a few pages of decorations which you can photocopy and make up, an additional few pages, which you could cut out to make your own glossy cake decorations would have really upped my liking of this book!

Overall, I was really impressed, one of my new favourites!pink hearts

 green arrow

The Burger

£12.00 Love Food ~ Parragon

A recipe book full of….burgers, 100 burger recipes all in 1 book, crazy!

recipe book for burgers

This is a ridiculously fun recipe book, which kicks of with an introduction to the origins of the good ol’ burger.

It goes on to cover the equipment you’ll need, how to make and cook the perfect burger patty, along with some handy hints and tips.

There are 4 chapters, 3 on burgers and 1 on the all essential sides.

The Timeless Originals

The Gourmet Show~stoppers

The World~wide Wonders

The Awesome Side~show

Each burger chapter has both meat, fish, poultry and vegetarian recipes, these recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, clear instructions and at least one photo, making them easy enough to follow.

the burger pages

There are handy hints and tips throughout the book to help with the individual burger differences.

The Awesome Side~show chapter covers how to make your own mayo and ketchup among others. It also covers things like Beef Chilli, chunky chips, home made burger buns, creamy potato salad and macaroni salad.

They save the best for last, recipes some delicious drinks including Fresh Lemonade and Club Mojito, whoop whoop!

glass and recipe of club mojito

The Burger has a colourful comic book feel to it, lots of KA-POWS! and KA-BOOMS!! The whole layout makes it fun to read and even the most “exotic” recipe sound intriguing.

I was initially put off by a recipe book just about burgers, but having read these recipes I totally changed my mind. You don’t need to make each one into a patty in a bun, some would make excellent meals with a side dish.

We’ve tried a few of these recipes, the regular and salmon are delicious {you can bread coat the salmon burgers and serve with new potatoes and veg, yummy}, and totally recommend this to anyone who appreciates the homemade burger!

{I received these books whilst attending Britmums Live, doing a review was optional}