Get Good Summer ~ The Week That Was…


Last week was a bit of a bust, I definitely operate better when the sun is shining!

We didn’t get to tick much of our summer bucket list.

A few trips to the beach, which whilst still fun, weren’t as enjoyable with the persistent threat of rain!

Can’t believe how gloomy it looks.

eastbourne beach on different days

We’re making more of an effort to have dedicated family time, watching Cars 2 together and an early morning walk along the beach front on Sunday were great, it can be stupidly difficult to get all us together to enjoy something, we even bought donuts on the way home for a cheeky breakfast!

I’ve been asked what The List is,{one of the 5 things on my summer bucket list} it’s a poem by Bruce Williamson, you can see it below. It’s one of my favourite pieces of writing even, and a way I try to live life!

Doing a few or more of the things from the poem every day or week is sure to raise a smile or two.


So far I’ve made inroads on everything, and The List adds a whole bunch of things we can do, I just can’t seem to get a grip on the crochet, HELP ME!

Linking up to Claire's Get Good Summer Linky!

blogging pink strip

Despite not doing anything too exciting I’ve still managed to snap some shots which I’m linking up to the lovely Hannah’s The Week That Was Instagrammed Linky!

the week that was


instagramm week2

Hoping the sun makes more of an appearance this week!


  1. Amanda, I just love your summer posts, they're so inspiring and fun and full of fluffy stuff! Your pics are fab and those words are indeed magical - what a fun way to spend a summer :) x

    1. Oh thank you, such a lovely comment!

  2. I love Ethan's grandpa look! What a stylish cheeky chap :) It looks like you had a proper rain downpour - we haven't had too much in Lewes over the past week.

    Thanks for linking up again :) Hope to see you again next week! xx

    1. He is very stylish and very cheeky! Awful rain, but I guess some folk need it so can't complain!

  3. Love that list... I might have to extend our bucket list to include it!!! Thanks for linking up to #GetGoodSummer as always!

  4. You're doing great at getting out and about. On another note, I love the look and feel of your blog. Your photos and layout are so inviting. I always smile when I pop over.

    1. Thank you! And thank you for the comment on my blog, having a mess around with the look now, goodness knows how it will turn out!


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