Summer Bucket List ~ Get Good Summer

Week 3 of Get Good Summer and I don’t feel as though I’ve done much, I shall blame they weather!

summer buckek list

From my list of things to get done, I’ve made progress or completed them all except for crocheting, can you tell I’m avoiding it?!

blogging summer bucket list

This was our most productive week yet, we went out everyday, spent 4 days at the beach!

We had a lovely family day out on Saturday with nannie and doopa.

And we got to complete a few more things from The List

…..collect rocks, build sandcastles, go barefoot, hold hands and hug and kiss, dance, wonder & wander around, feel happy, look at the sky, watch clouds, do nothing and do it well, listen to music, day dream & act silly……

actually we’ve done pretty well!

beach, boys playing, cakes and pier

blogging pink strip

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  1. Inspiring as always! At this rate, you'll need to extend your list! Wat is "The List" you keep referring to?! I'm intrigued! Thanks for linking up to #GetGoodSummer Claire x

  2. You're so good Amanda, I haven't done anything from my list yet but fully intending to join in next week,,,, best get cracking! Love it that you're going to the beach so often and making the most of your last summer before the boys go to school :)


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