Summer Bucket List ~ The Week That Was Instagramed

So, we’re the second week in to Get Good Summer and once again I’ve managed to do a few things from the list.

note pad with summer bucket list

We started off the week doing something from {The List}, our back garden needed a little tidy up, which gave the perfect opportunity to “smell the flowers”

collage of flowers

Despite living a few minutes walk from the beach and it being gloriously sunny and warm this week, we didn’t actually venture outside everyday, other than the garden, Ethan’s birthmarks do not like the sun!

We did however decided to go for a picnic on the beach one day, sandy sandwiches, yummy!

collage of a picnic at the beach

Whilst at the beach I kinda got lost in watching the fluffy white clouds, another thing from {The List} drifting along, always amazes me how clean they look!

fluffy white cloud in a blue sky

We even managed 2 family trips to the beach, both days were amazing fun, the boys have gotten over their fear of the water and had a great time paddling out in the sea.

I must admit I do love the fact that Eastbourne isn’t as popular as some of the other beaches, which seem to be standing room only on sunny days.

Ahren found a new perspective through which to view the world!

boy looking through a hole in a stone

The kids found a kettle fish and sent a good 20 minutes of so throwing the thing all over the place, I was rather freaked out by it!

day at the beach

Our 3rd trip to the beach was again another family trip out.

various shots from the beach

We were somewhat more prepared for the kids venturing out to sea, with towels and spare clothes, the boys took full advantage and spent the morning chasing waves, progressing to a more naked state over the morning!

They really don’t understand why they can’t be naked all the time, they’re refreshingly innocent!

fully dressed to cheeky butts

I’ve got a possible date for our day on Wimbledon Common, we have my niece coming to stay for a week starting the 29th so perhaps the weekend she goes home will be a good time to spend up London way!

Although I haven’t actually managed to do any crochet, I have thought about what I want to make, does that count?!

All in all a pretty good week for doing things on the our summer bucket list!

summer buckek list

I’ve been snapping pictures and Instagraming them all week, these are a few of my favs!

Linking up to The Week That Was Instagrammed hosted by the lovely Hannah over at Make Do and Push

the week that was instagrammed

the week that was instagrammed

the week that was instagrammed

the week that was


  1. Yay! It looks like you had a super week! I love the paddling photos :)

    Thanks for linking up again :)
    Hannah xx

  2. What a lovely, happy post! It really comes out in your photos and your words. So glad you got to spend time at the beach as a family. How lucky you are to having it on your doorstep! My Week That Was sounds like a fab idea - so many things to join in with, so little time!

  3. I'd love to live by the coast! This is a gorgeous post :)

  4. Fabulous photos! What a great week you've had. I'm so jealous, being land locked here in the West Midlands, a trip to the beach is a rarity!

  5. I love stones with holes in them, I used to have a string of them when I was little, but they're a bit rarer in Warwickshire than Devon! It looks like you had a wonderful week.

  6. I have found #Getgoodsummer much harder than I thought! Well done with your garden x

  7. Very jealous that you're so near a beach! What a fab #GetGoodSummer goal! So impressed with your dedication to your goals, looking forward to checking in next week; thanks for linking up with #GetGoodSummer xx

  8. So much fun! Wonderful fun! I love all these beach shots and the way you have laid your whole post out is great x


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