Sweet Butts ~ Is It Okay To Allow Your Child To Be Naked In Public?

If you follow me on Twitter you know how much my kids enjoy being naked.

Everyday is naked day.

They still don’t quite understand, that despite their gorgeousness, not everybody wants to see them butt naked.

Crazy I know, they have THE CUTEST butts!

Whilst at the beach today the kids were getting more and more soaked as they splashed about in the water, eventually being more wet than dry.

two boys running out to sea

As they started to feel uncomfortable I decided to whip their shorts off them and let them have a bit more freedom.

boy in tshirt and hat

They loved it and went running off with not a care in the world.

A short while later their t-shirts came off and they were gloriously naked walking out to sea.

2 boys in the sea

We saw a several other little ones; clothed, in bathing suits, nappies and naked.

{Nappies in the sea, no no no no no, they weren’t even those swim nappies}

This got me thinking


“Is it okay to allow your kids to be naked in public?”


Their father doesn’t like them being naked in public “I don’t want dirty buggers getting their jollies from looking at my kids” or words similar.

And I totally understand and agree with him, I’d go all out crazy mama roar if I saw anything suspect around my kids.

But…. my boys are so young and innocent, not a care in the world other than if they can have chocolate, a later bedtime and perhaps never eat another vegetable.

I don’t want them to have to worry about “dirty buggers and their jollies”.

Whilst they are unconcerned with body image I want them to embrace who they are and enjoy the freedom that comes with just not giving a damn if your tummy bulges, butt wobbles or your arms jiggle.

Obviously I wouldn’t take them sans clothes into town shopping, but at the beach it just seems more acceptable.

Is it okay, or should I be keeping them wrapped up and away from prying eyes?

{yes they were wearing sunscreen}


  1. I'm kind of weird about my daughter being naked in public. More so because she's a girl, and she just seems so much more vulnerable I guess. I think it all boils down to your level of comfort with it :o)

  2. I've always been pretty relaxed about it.

    I don't want the boys growing up with a constant level of suspicion and paranoia. I teach them basic safety and keep an eye on them but innocence seems such a rarity these days.

    My OH on the other hand ... couldn't be any further from my point of view.

  3. I find myself worrying about this which is silly really because they are just kids. I think the problem with it is that it makes other people feel uncomfortable in case they get accused of starring or whatever. Classic example my two were naked at home in the paddling pool and a delivery guy knocked at the door. The kids got to the door first, butt naked, (we have a glass front door that you can see through)and I thought the delivery guy was going to have a fit, he just didn't know where to put himself and just stared at the floor. Sorry about the long comment x

  4. I have to be honest, I took my son to a, very busy, beach this week. I went and bought him a pair of shorts rather than let him run around butt naked. I think there is so much publicity surrounding 'those people' you can't help but be worried. I hate that as a parent I have become so suspicious of people x

  5. I see no problem at all, this is other peoples problem not yours. I love the crazy outfit combinations kids come up with if they are given free rein and the second photo down is a wonderful example of this. Smart hat, nice t-shirt and then naked from the waist down! I don't know how you took it without laughing :0)

    My son charged fully clothed into a public paddling pool at the weekend and as we didn't have a towel with us we stripped him naked to dry off before dressing him in dry clothes. He thought it was he best afternoon ever and he just looked funny to me.

  6. I think it really depends on the situation as you say - I wouldn't take them shopping in the buff but I've certainly answered the door with a naked baby in my arms, to say nothing of the running around that goes on at the beach!


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